Thursday, April 09, 2009

Whole Lot of Lovin'

I was recently tagged by the Lovely Lisa, to blog 10 things that I love. I have a lot of loves. But I think the most obvious are the hubs, the kiddo's, church, etc. So we are going to skip those (not that they aren't important!!!!) But move onto daily loves....

1. A clean house. Ours rarely is. No matter how hard I try, usually 10 seconds after I have cleaned it is messy again!I try to remember that my kids are only young once and I shouldn't worry so much about it. But why do they have to be young while living in filth? Hmmmm

2. When my meal planning works. Some weeks I have everything planned to a T. And all week long, I just pull out what I had planned. No one eats a late dinner, or gets served pb&j!Other times, well I don't do as well. It is a work in progress!

3)Along with the above one, would be a full pantry, freezer and fridge! It is the days when those are empty that I have no dinner ideas! Hmmm,what do you make with__________ is not my strong suit!

4. Having a good mail day!! With fun catalogs, magazines, packages or letters, cards, etc. I love a good mail day. With most people not even sending mail (and simply doing emails) I miss this!

5. A long hot soak with a good book! Ben has promised me that some day(when Messiah comes, right Mom?) that he will make sure I have a nice huge, tub. I make do. Although I swear the one we have now is one of the smallest so far!

6. Family time. When the kids are getting a long and we are just laughing and playing. Does this always cost money? Nope. But sometimes it does. I love to all be together!

7. Baking. I love to bake things for Ben and the kids. Oh yeah...and myself! Back in the day, when the kids were little, they didn't eat as much. And so I always hated making huge desserts (like a whole cake) because I always ended up eating it! But now that they are older, we hardly get any before it is gone!( I have a post about Ethan coming up that talks more about this!)

8. Being on time. We are always rushing from one thing to the next. I hate being late. I do.I feel bad for people who might have been waiting on us. My Dad used to always tell us that "if you are not 10 minutes early, than you are late". I think that stuck with me!

9. Being productive. I love at the end of the day when I have a to do list that is all crossed off. I love that satisfaction. Staying at home, I have a lot of other things calling to me, than Ben for instance. He goes to work and doesn't have his video games or books, his tools etc. I am surrounded by "my stuff" and it can make it easier to avoid doing things "I am supposed too".So I love a good productive day!

10. All of you! I love that I can keep in touch with you via emails, blogs, facebook etc. I love that if I am feeling down, you are all there to lift me up. If I have good news, you are all here to celebrate with me. I love that I learn about new recipes, books, websites, products etc all through you. I love to hear about your lives and what you are doing. I love my family, friends and my computer...because that is where some of my friends are!

So now to tag people, I am going with Heidi ( I loved her top 10 post at Christmas, so how about another round?!), Alisha (for the same reason. She did a great top 10 post at Christmas and I have been using Clorox anywhere spray ever since!), Susan( just cause I love her) Oh and Darla for that reason and because she hasn't blogged for awhile and Christy! (She hasn't blogged for awhile either!) If any of you are just dying to do this on your own, go for it. Let's share the love!

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becky said...

I think I could just ditto to yours. As I read it, I thought wow wouldn't that be nice. on almost all of them. Haven't heard about your pregnancy in a while. How is it going?