Sunday, April 26, 2009

Did I say I was spoiled?

Next month, Ben and I are heading off island. With no kids. I am so excited that I can't contain myself! :) Ben is trying to take care of his leave, I have to double check our dates with the family watching our kids but other than that we are good to go. And where are we going...AUSTRALIA! So excited!! I am just like Sandra Bullock in While You Were Sleeping...I will finally have a stamp in my passport. Ben has been to so many places, me I am usually at home with the kids while he experiences the world! LOL

So many people travel from Guam. We however, are not willing to go into debt for leisurely travel. We have so many people say, "yeah but you can get cheap plane tickets..." then they tell us the price for one. Which we remind them we would have to multiply times six. Thus, we haven't done any traveling. Our vacation to Hawaii was paid for by the Navy. At least most of it.

I was totally shocked on Saturday morning when we saw the offer through MWR ( a Navy program). The price included flight and hotel. I thought he was being sarcastic when Ben said, "hey do you want to go to Australia?" But he wasn't. We just had to find a babysitter. Which we did!

In less than a year, the two of us will have been able to go on 2 trips by ourselves? Having 4 kids I didn't think that would be possible. Harmony thinks it is sooooo unfair. I tried to tell her that, Ben and I were together before she was even a thought! I also told her that she was lucky to have parents that want to be together! She still thinks it is unfair but I will bring her back stuff! :)

So I know some people have been there, so what do you suggest we do? Eat? Anything that you didn't feel was worth the cost? We are going to be in Cairns for 4 days and 3 nights and I plan to pack in as much as I can! We can catch up on sleep when we get back right?!

Sooooo excited!! I have visions of sleeping in, eating new foods, traveling to new areas, all with my favorite person! :)


The Anglesey Family said...


April said...

that is one of my dream places to go. I hope you have fun. I think your comment to your daughter about having parents who want to be together is so true. And she will see the love that her parents have for each other. I think some kids don't even think their parents like each other.

Eight is Enough said...

I am so jealous. Australia and New Zealand are the two places I most want to go. And I totally understand about wanting a stamp in your passport, my husband Aaron travels constantly and I never get to go with him. We haven't even been on a honeymoon yet and we have been married almost 11 years. This fall we are determined to get away without kids. Debbie Cardon Redman

Mark and Tammy said...

YEE HAA there is nothing like a relaxing vacation with your hunny. I haven't been to Austraila but I have a friend that lives there and she loves it. I hear it is fantastic and you just have to be careful with certain bugs and certain beach fish. Good luck and we will be expecting great pictures and great blogs. Who the heck did you find to watch the kids? Lucky you.

becky said...

How exciting for you. I am so jealous. I will live vicariously through you until I get a stamp in my passport. Have a great time.