Sunday, April 12, 2009

This Monday morning...

(birds nest treats)

(the end result)
(not a very pretty picture (food photographer I am not) but that was the ice cream cake)
(eating ice cream cake)
(The Junior GS troop, ready to go home after a long night!)
( Way to go Harm!!)
**********I started this post when it says I did. However, after a major power outtage and some very bad whiney days from me, it took awhile to get back to it!

It is 8:26 am on Monday. The kids have been gone for almost an hour. After a 4 day weekend, Ben is back at work. The dishwasher and washer are both humming away. Ivan is playing and watching tv (with no one to fight with) and Astro is taking a nap. Can a morning get any better than that? (yeah and than we had a nice long power outtage. 2nd one in less than 24 hours!!) So here is what is on my mind today...

**I felt like such a SINNER for not being at church on Easter Sunday. Why weren't we there? Because here, it was conference weekend. So I sat at home and watched conference. It was delightful but...still didn't quite feel the same!

**Saturday night I went to return some movies...and was pulled over for a sobriety check. I have never, not once, been asked to do this. There was a big concert here and so they were checking anyone who came on to base. Yes, even innocent pregnant women driving mini-vans. And just to put everyone at ease...I passed! :)

**Harmony went camping from Thursday night to Friday. I picked her up and she was feeling car sick on the way home. It is an awful road anyway, but with little sleep and eggs for breakfast...well not a good combo. I did manage to drag her to the NEX and to the commissary. Around 3 pm she was throwing a fit, and so I told her to go lay on her bed until she could calm down. We saw her Saturday morning at 6 am! She completely crashed! She had no idea that she had slept that long, just that she felt hungry!

**Speaking of Ms. Harmony, she got 5th place in the science fair! She was so excited and wore her ribbons on her wrists for a long time. She is totally anxious for next year's!

**Remember a while ago, when I was asking for lunch bag ideas? Well, upon doing some research ie. "google", I came across "Bento" sites. Have you seen these? While I don't feel that I would ever have the time,patience, creativity or energy to prepare a full Bento lunch, I am obsessed with looking at them! Harmony loves it too. The boxes and other "gear" are way expensive but I told her if I could find something on sale...we will see. Let me see if I can get this link to work, if not, google Bento and I am sure you can find tons of stuff! Here is hopefully the link...

**Easter weekend was a pretty typical weekend for us! We spent Saturday cleaning rooms, laundry and working like crazy. And yet at the end of the night, I didn't feel like I had accomplished much! Ben told me, " you can run that washer and dryer all day,but you will never, never be done with laundry." Thanks for the reminder dear!!

**Sunday the kids dyed eggs, put stickers all over plastic eggs( they made one for Mason...awww) and opened baskets. We made bird nest treats and I made an ice cream cake that everyone devoured. It was good!Ecspecially after taking Astro for a walk when it was still nice and hot outside! We had a traditional meal and the kids really enjoyed eating "crashed hot potatoes". I found the recipe on Pioneer Woman Cooks and everyone loves them. Ecspecially Ben, but I was suprised with how much the kids did. It's a yummy recipe, let me know if you want it.

Ivan and I are headed to the NEX to get some outside toys. Today is my last den meeting and so I am just going to let them run around like crazy! Sounds fun huh? I am so grateful to be almost done with scouts. The boys were great, parents were supportive, but it just takes a lot of energy and creativity, which I do not have in my possession right now! :)


Angie said...

Good job Harmony on the science fair!

Jenn said...

Glad to hear you passed the sobriety test...Dave wants to know if you cheated? :) Hope all is well with everyone. Miss you guys!

Yearsley Family said...

Wow! You are so busy! I need to finish updating my weekend, but I just have not found the energy or time to do that! Always fun to see what you are up to! Glad we found each other again!
BTW, how are you feeling these days? How far along are you?

becky said...

I am always surprised and amazed at how busy you are all the time. Very glad you didn't get a DUI and glad they didn't stop you because you were all over the road. :)