Thursday, April 16, 2009


I have had a lot of people ask how I am feeling and doing with the pregnancy. So here goes...

This Sunday I will enter my 25th week! It is hard to believe that time has gone by so fast. Although I know the closer I get...the slower it gets! Because of my early labors, I am going to start going in and getting checked at 32 weeks. Hard to believe that is only 7 weeks away! We are really hoping to push his delivery off until 4th of July weekend. If we make it that far we 1)most likely will not have to go to Japan and 2) Ben will be able to make his trip home in Aug 3) if I don't have to go to Japan...I get to go on my trip in Sept! So let's all pray that Mason decides to wait!

As for me, I have been feeling fine. I have started to really show and I have had a lot of people comment that, " wow you look pregnant". I always answer with," because I am". :) I know that when you start out on the not so smallish side, it is harder to tell if someone is preggo or just...well you know. So it is nice that it is now at the point where I can say yep, there is a baby in there!

Mason has started to do all of his in the womb aerobics! I can constantly feel him kicking around and doing his thing.

The only "problem" I am having right now is a lack of sleep! I am almost into my last trimester, and seem to just have no energy! I feel tired all the time. Plus I can't seem to get comfortable at night so I do a lot of tossing and turning. Add a bathroom break 2 times a night and you see where I am. Last night I fell alseep a little after 9. I slept soundly until 1:30 and than was up every hour. Ben sleeps on his side or stomach, but at 4:30 this morning he was on his back. So I snuggled up to him and promptly fell back to sleep. Until he pushed me off! He said he got too hot! So no sleep for me.

I have always read it is natures way of preparing you for what is about to come! The kids are still very excited. Ivan was playing with a flashlight yesterday, and shined it on my belly. He started laughing and said, " I got it on Mason!". He also told me that Mason will like him.

So that is it. Nothing too exciting! Of course if anything gets more exciting, we will let you know! Just pray I start getting some sleep!


Yearsley Family said...

Crossing my fingers that you can get some sleep! (I hope you can since I can't!).

Susan said...

How's your blood sugar? High blood sugar causes both fatigue and frequent urination. Hang in there - at least pregnancy is temporary :)

Mark and Tammy said...

Oh Marie-kick those feet up and rub them. I think it is one of the meanest tricks before you have a baby not to get any sleep. I remember with one of mine I finally had to get on some sleeping meds for the last few weeks-just so I could function and hopefully make it through the birth. take care

becky said...

Oh I hope you can get some sleep. It must have been a man who said that getting no sleep is natures way...How does that make sense. Since when has someone prepared themselves for pure exhaustion by not sleeping. I feel your frustration of no sleep. It seems like just yesterday that I would be up all night with what seemed to be no reason at all. So sorry for the long ranting post but I do hope you can get a little sleep.

How is your blood sugar doing?