Thursday, April 02, 2009

Internet & Spring Break

Like many others, I use the computer to avoid things. I mean of course I am spending my time wisely...facebook, cleaning ideas, Mom "things",craft ideas. But while I am doing this I avoid, a messy house ( it will be there when I get off), my kids(it's ok they are busy watching tv, who needs Mom?) my husband (how much time do you spend on facebook? That is a real question posed by him the other day!!)

So it is time once again, to take an internet break. I love these breaks. I honestly do! I get so much done and don't feel like I wasted my day and week away. I will check my email, so don't worry if you need to get a hold of me.

But for this week, my spring cleaning list is substantial. My nesting instincts are in high gear and I plan to make good use of them!

I will post again on the 13th with all of our baseball pictures, Easter Egg hunt, Spring break fun, Harmony's camp out, visit to the museum etc!

Have a great week!

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The Barton Family said...

See you then- Hope you get lots and lots done!!