Monday, February 18, 2008

thirty reasons...

that I love my thirty year old!!

1) sooo hot
2) hard working
4) merciful to me and others
5) always wants to help people
6) intelligent
7) his talent for woodworking
8) he is a good cook
9) he is a wonderful father
10) he indulges me
11) he can fix anything
12) he plays baseball with the boys
13) he takes Harmony out for snorkeling
14)supportive in the things I want to do
15)because he likes to have fun
16) because he can take a joke
17)because he makes me laugh
18)he buys Lego's for the boys so that he can play
19)because he understands how Harmony feels ( being the oldest & only girl)and can talk toher about it
20)because he takes his priesthood responsibilites seriously
21)because he calls when he will be late
22)because he looks so cute when he falls asleep with one of the kids
23)he is patient with me
24) he is stubborn 9( I only love that up to a point!)
25) he wants what is best for me, even if it isn't what he would want
26) he knows how important family is
27) he spoils me
28) he cuddles in bed when he gets cold,because I always have the a/c and the fan on
29) he lets me keep the the house where I want it
30) he loves me

Happy Birthday Honey! I now have officially known you more than half your life! Love you tons!

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castlemom13 said...

Hey Marie,

I've been racking my brain as to who Ben looks like in this picture and I finally got it. Tom Cruise in Top Gun. Neat post.