Thursday, February 21, 2008

more from our busy week

I am not very good at surprises. I usually spill the beans way before my actual surprise occurs. And honestly, Ben is really good at guessing things like that. However...for the first time in my life, I finally pulled off a surprise. Nothing big but still...

For Ben's birthday I decided to fill his office with black balloons and Over the Hill decorations. Because party stores here leave a lot to be desired, I really was only left with black streamers and black balloons. I ordered a sheet cake to be had at a fundraiser lunch we do once a month. So on Monday, I picked up the cake, brought it to my friend ( so she could hide it for me). Later I dropped Harmony and Christy off at Girl scouts and headed back to blow up balloons. In total I bought 100 but some popped. I had a lot of help in pulling this off ( thanks everybody!!). I got Ben to go down to his office, with his parents while I helped set up the lunch and bring his cake in.

Ben is soooo not into birthdays, or having attention brought on him, but he handled my little surprise well.

Apparently, that morning they were using his office that morning as a drop off place for a urinalysis ( nice huh? Just what everybody wants going on in their office...) and someone walked in and saw all the balloons before Ben did. Luckily he didn't call him or anything!

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