Saturday, February 23, 2008

and yet...some more of our busy week

So where did I leave off? Oh yes, Ben's birthday. So the next day, we had a busy day. I only had the kids go to school for a couple of hours so that Ben and his Dad could go snorkeling. I ran around getting doughnut holes for C's birthday snack and trying to get a couple of things done in the house.

We picked the kids up, and then opened Connor's presents. Poor kid. Opened his presents and than just had to leave them. We headed to McD's first and than headed for the beach.

We first stopped at Asan Park. We just walked along and took some great scenic photos. Ivan also escaped from his stroller and ran around, which was good as he got some of his energy out! We stayed their for awile. It was funny b/c Harm and Ethan and I, started looking for shells. We found some really nice ones too. They started talking about burying some treasure. Harmony said I am going to mark mine with an X. Ethan chimed in with " I am going to makr mine with a Y so no one goes and looks for it!" Sooo funny!

Next we headed to Two Lovers Point. There is a legend about two lovers who plunged to their death there. I won't expand on the legend here but...a lot of people get married there now. At the top there were luggage tags hung on the fence. They were all covered in couple's names. It was pretty high up there but it was a nice view.

After that we headed down to the Chamarro Village.I think that is a must see for every visitor to Guam. We walked around the shops, bought some wood windchimes, necklaces for Harm and I and a few other things. We also got yummy shakes and smoothies. Also, we bought rice, bbq'd pork and chicken. The prices are way cheap and we are still munching on leftovers.

We had a really fun ( all be it TIRING) week. It was fun playing tourist. We have decided to go to a new tourist spot once a month so that we can see everything.

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