Friday, February 15, 2008

Talafofo Falls

So after a slow start yesterday, we did finally get up to Talafofo Falls. We took a longer route to try and keep Ethan from getting sick. He is the absoolute worst when it comes to getting car sick. There were tons of places that we drove past that I would love to go back and get some photos of. Anyway...

We got there and the first guest to welcome us was this huge pig. Apparently he eats anything because Ben dropped a reciept and the pig snatched it up and ate it!!

Living in the gorge, I have never had to pay to see waterfalls. But after a military discount and being charged as locals instead of tourists, it wasn't as much as we thought. Although still a lot for just looking at a waterfall. Know what I mean?

We went down the cable car ( which Harm was totally freaked out about BUT did great!) and then walked around the falls. It was really beautiful and we got some fabulous pictures. We walked back up on a suspension bridge( that once again freaked harm out but not the boys) and then viewed some more of the falls. Once we got up there we walked around in the water. You weren't actually supposed to swim, but thanks to a lot of slick algae on the rocks, I being so graceful, slipped and fell. And brought Ivan down with me.We did make it out unhurt though. After the ducks were loaded up on goldfish crackers,we decided to head home. We had intended to hit the beach but the kids were exaughsted and so was I.

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