Sunday, February 03, 2008

a good steward

So as I was putting the pictures of Harmony and Ivan ( the previous 2 posts)I started to notice a few things. For example, as Harmony was doing her science projects, she was sitting at a table that still had not been cleared off from lunch. The way it shows up though you don't actually see the ketchup bottle. In the pictures of Ivan, the kitchen counters are obviously not cleared off!

This weekend has been kind of crazy ( which is why I didn't get a chance to call you back Susan!!!)and I noticed that when my house is cleaner I am happy and calm. When it is not, I am stressed, irritated and in a bad mood.

It is becoming increasingly important to me to get my home and life more organized. To be a good steward. So starting today I am going to do better to take care of my home and family. I am not striving for perfection, just some major changes. Which of course I will be recording here! so stay tuned!

I realize that my blog has been pretty "churchy" lately, but as it is, my blog, I can pretty much write whatever I want. So I wanted to share a part of an article, that has sparked me to want to make this change....Mothers Who Know

"Mothers who know are nurturers. This is their special assignment and role under the plan of happiness.5 To nurture means to cultivate, care for, and make grow. Therefore, mothers who know create a climate for spiritual and temporal growth in their homes. Another word for nurturing is homemaking. Homemaking includes cooking, washing clothes and dishes, and keeping an orderly home. Home is where women have the most power and influence; therefore, Latter-day Saint women should be the best homemakers in the world. Working beside children in homemaking tasks creates opportunities to teach and model qualities children should emulate. Nurturing mothers are knowledgeable, but all the education women attain will avail them nothing if they do not have the skill to make a home that creates a climate for spiritual growth. Growth happens best in a "house of order," and women should pattern their homes after the Lord's house (see D&C 109). Nurturing requires organization, patience, love, and work. Helping growth occur through nurturing is truly a powerful and influential role bestowed on women."
If you want to read the whole article you can go here


Susan said...

I wondered what happened to you on Friday! You better call again soon - I had lots more to say - LOL.

Good luck with the cleaning/organizing. I know exactly how you feel. You're smart not to require perfection. That's what I want, but with 3 kids, it doesn't happen and only ends up making me feel frustrated.

I liked the quote.

Cire said...

Nurturing sometimes means letting the kids remain living after they make a mistake/mess/tantrum/fight/etc - oh, and then teaching them . . . :)

Christy said...

I loved that talk when she gave it. It definitely gives us a worthy goal.

Avis La Fin said...

Although I appreciate and can fully identify with your blog, I want you to remember that you are a good steward and a good mother!! While I agree that perfection is nice, and near perfection is acceptable, being who you are and loving what you doing and accepting that there are often "Fridays" in our lives is also important. Love, Mom