Monday, February 25, 2008


This morning was not a good one. It started with yet another power outtage, at around 5:15. Once the air conditioner & fans go off the kids wake up because they get hot. So the kids were all up bright and early...and in my bed!! So not knowing what time it is, we didn't start getting ready for school until 7! Then I turned into that Mom. One who is grumpy, yelling, impatient and more. Trying to get lunches made, and unable to find any lunch bags. Harmony deciding to play Barbies instead of getting her shoes on. Connor not following the " no toys at the table" rule. Ethan lying about bringing his lunch bag home, Ivan just causing trouble in general. So not a good morning. Harmony felt like I was picking on her the most.
" Just because I am the oldest." So my frustration is rising, and I ask Harmony where her lunch bag is. She says she left it at school and I am annoyed. It is a pet peeve of mine. I send her off with a paper lunch sack that says" bring your lunch bag home or suffer the consequences" and an I love you. So I start to clean the kitchen and what do I find? Her lunch bag. On the counter with the load of dishes that I didn't get done. I HATE it when that happens. Now I owe her when she gets home...

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