Thursday, February 14, 2008

a busy blogger

We have been really busy this week. First we were preparing for the Turners to come (Ben's parents) and now we are busy trying to keep them entertained! They arrived on Wednesday night and the kids have talked their ear off non-stop since they landed! :)

Because yesterday was full of Valentines parties and bake sales etc. I sent the kids to school. Today however, we are going to go and play "tourist." I am excited to see some of the sites on Guam that we haven't made it to yet. I will post pictures later today.

Last night was sooo nice. We actually got to go out on Valentines day! That hasn't happened for a long time. We went with two other couples and had a blast. Watching "Over Her Dead Body" which I thought was cute. Predictable but cute. Then we went to a bookstore and then onto LoneStar for dinner. Just a fun night of laughing and talking. Until one of the husbands scared me to death! ( I am going to kill Kory for that Tiff!)seriously a fun night.

I have to go and clear my memory card. I will try and keep posting while the Turners are here but no guarantees on that one! :)

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