Wednesday, July 25, 2007

...a small miracle

"Mommy, are you so glad with me?"

" I am sooo glad with you Connor bub".

And why? Why am I so glad with him? Because he did it. He finally put his face in the water!!! I realized that I forgot to mention that Harmony is swimming underwater now. She still has to practice her strokes but she is a little fish.

Ethan, just about on the same day, started plugging his nose and going under the water. He has made huge strides and is going to go into swim lessons for the next session. The good thing about Guam is that they can take lessons year round! :)

But the good news is that Connor finally did it! Connor is the most stubborn of all of our kids. Not sure where he gets it from, but....Ben had actually bought him a box of legos as a bribe, and it has sat in our closet, just waiting and waiting for Connor to put his face under. Nothing doing though.Finally yesterday, I convinced him to go under water with me holding him. He did it. I had him do it a couple of more times. Then I held him and he just put his head in. Then finally he went to the stairs sat down, and stuck his face in the water...all by himself. And he kept doing it. I am so happy because this was such a huge hurdle for him. Go Connor!

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