Friday, July 06, 2007

the reluctant swimmers

The kids finally began swim lessons on Wed. I was totally unsure of how they would do. While they love to play in the water,and go to the pool, they are extremely scared of putting their face in the water.

We got to the pool, and the lifeguards had them doing kicks, blowing bubbles and things like that. Well Connor was going to have nothing to do with that. However, Harmony and Ethan didn't do too bad! Towards the end the life guards asked them to jump in the water and they weren't about to do that. But I thought they made some big strides for their first day.

Jump to today...I had Ben take them because I was up late and then up in the middle of the night with Connor. ( Nothing big, he just has real problems with growing pains)...)Anyway, today they took some major steps back. Absolutely refused to put their faces in. While I understand that they are scared...It is an important skill for them to learn. So we talked and talked ( and threatened) and talked. I think we have a system worked out and hopefully they will do well.

And actually, after we talked they wanted to practice in the tub, so we let them. Harm and Ethan did a great job. I had them do it 5 times each and they did fantastic.So we are just going to keep practicing. Wish us luck!


The Farr's said...

Austin used to hate putting his face in the water. I used to get so frustrated with him because I also think it is very important for them to learn to swim. But, once he was able to do it on his terms, he did fine! I know they will get a hang of it and then they will love it!!

Eric Jensen said...

That's funny 'cause your kids were under the water lots at our house! Within seconds of geting in I was amazed to have pulled Ethan and Ivan out from under the water. And Harmony was swimming around on anything that floated. Must be Arizona water - it's drier, you know