Saturday, July 14, 2007

14 reasons...

For me, today is July 14th. Which is my Mom's birthday!! So as a tribute to are 14 reasons why my mom is the best...

1) She is an amazing example to me. From mothering, to being a wife, to the way she lives her life. She is just an amazing, amazing example.

2) She loves me for me. I know that is kind of a cliche statement, ecspecially for a Mom, but I have never had to be someone that I am not. She accepts me.

3) She is always there to talk. From idle chit chat, to deep conversations. She is always there.

4) She always wants the best for her kids. Even if it isn't what she would necessarily want or choose for us.

5)She is always willing to stay up and watch a good movie with you.

6) She is the definiton of the word sacrifice. Whatever you need, she makes sure you have it.

7) Her knowledge of the gospel.

8) She has no problem letting you know how much she loves you.

9) She is always there to have a good cry with.

10) She is very giving of her time and attention.

11) She is willing to share her talents with you.

12) All the times that she stayed up late to help with a project, or made sure I got home ok.

13) She is always willing to serve in the church.

14) The way she loves my Dad.

For everything that you are & everything you have done for me. I love you Mom. Happy Birthday!

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1zeezrom said...

Thanks so much, Marie. This blog means so much to me. What a wonderful gift. Love, Mom