Tuesday, July 17, 2007


** because I went to a stake dance in Goldendale

**because Jennifer didn't want to go talk to Lewis by herself

**because we started spending a lot of time together while in high school

**because we dated other people

**because I went to Tylers bbq

**because we spent those 2 weeks I was home, hanging out

** because I "convinced" you to come to Ricks

**because of letters and phone calls

**because you came to Rexburg to visit me, and didn't get bored

**because Laura left the room so "we could suck face"

**because we did

** because of Thanksgiving weekend when I knew " you were the ONE"

** because of emails and lots of late night phone calls

** because of lots of time spent apart

**because on July 18th, 1998 we said " I do" and we meant it

**because a little more than a year later, we had our first child

**because the next month, you took me to the temple

**because a little less than two years later, we had our 2nd child

** because 2 mo. after that I found out I was pregnant

** because you held me while I cried

** because 8 mo. later we had our 3rd

**because 4 mo. later you graduated from the Uof O,and I was "done" supporting you through school

**because a month later you went to OCS,and I had to experience life without you

** because I didn't enjoy life without you

**because since then, we have had a lot of time apart

**because we have had a few trips across country

**because we have made it through 14 hours on a plane, with 4 kids

**because we have been through so much...debt, sickness, deployments, moves

**because you love me despite of my fat rolls and double chin

**because you provide for me

**because you have " the broken road" on your ipod,and for the right reason

**because you are my handy man

**because you try not to tell very many people that I didn't have your tools packed

**because you indulge me

**because you spoil me

**because you are you

Our life is more tantrums and time outs then fancy dinners and diamonds, but it doesn't matter. I love you. More and more every day! Happy 9th anniversary my lobster!


Susan said...

Congratulations on 9 years! I totally forgot your anniversary is tomorrow...I mean, um, your card must have gotten lost in the mail...

Jenn said...


Cindy said...

That's sweet!