Wednesday, September 02, 2009

A weighty issue

Today is my "Guam birthday". Although I am not technically 31 yet...there is nothing like a birthday to make you stop and take notice of your life.

Last year as I entered my 30's I told myself this was it. It was my time to get healthy. Once and for all. I wanted to look in the mirror and liked what I saw. I wanted to run and play with the kids. I wanted Ben to think, "boy I am so lucky to be married to such a hottie", I wanted to be a good example to Harmony. A little less than 2 months later...pregnant.

I gained 15 lbs during my pregnancy. Although I seriously struggled with the gestational diabetes, my doctors were impressed that I had kept my weight gain so low. I was impressed because I wasn't doing anything to help it. Seriously.

On the 4th of July, I was dialated to a 3. I was tired, cranky, contracting constantly. But I wanted to have fun with the kids at the fireworks. I spent the night sitting in a chair. My back hurt. My legs were tired. I was tired. Ben would have to help me get out of the camp chair. Yes part of this was just being pregnant. But part of me kept thinking, " I hate this. I don't want to not be able to keep up with my kids."

At the end of every one of my pregnancies I feel huge. And it's funny because as soon as I have that baby, I feel super skinny!! Lol

Today I have been feeling:
5)grumpy with Ivan

My diet since Mason has been born is a lot of chocolate and diet coke. Diet of champions right? I spend so much time in the rocking chair that I feel lazy.

Although I don't feel healthy, all in all, I am very content with my life. I am happy with where we are. I just don't like looking in the mirror.

I am not sure what to do.

My roadblocks are:
my sweet tooth
putting myself last
Mason is very fussy at dinner and I often find myself not eating dinner until 10 pm, breakfast (if at all) at 11 and lunch around 2 or 3
I love cooking and baking but don't find making healthy stuff as fun
I have a grocery budget
I have lots of other people to cook for
I don't want to be hungry
My strengths:
I like to exercise..when I find the time
I am a morning I like to get it done first thing
I have support from my family
I have a husband who loves me
I have kids who love me

So questions...
Do I follow a low fat diet and not worry about calories?
Do I count calories?
How much exercise do I do?
Can I drink Crystal Light instead of water?Does that count?
Should I follow a plan like weight watchers?
Should I do a South Beach diet and watch my carbs?
How do I balance healthy eating with what I feed my family?
How do I do it so we all eat one meal, not the kids eating one and me something else?
How do I get rid of my sweet tooth?

Questions, comments and help would be appreciated. I know a lot of my family and friends are very fit and healthy. Help a girl out, I want to be among your ranks!

Then again, should I just screw it all and wait until I am 41?


Janice said...

Ok, I'm definitely in your boat right now - after this baby... I have BIG plans! I think it honestly has a lot to do with what works for your body. After having Julia, I found that eating a small breakfast (granola bar or yogurt) before I headed out to the gym for my workout worked out well. Then, I too found myself not getting the chance to eat lunch until late (2ish or so). I made my lunch my biggest meal, a HUGE salad and one sandwich. Then for dinner I stuck to portion sizes of whatever I cooked. I made myself stop after I ate one serving - I tried to keep the mentality of "if I have leftovers, I can have another serving tomorrow if I like it that much". I would have a small snack (around 100 calories) between breakfast and lunch and then another one between lunch and dinner. I also planned dinner early enough to allow me ONE serving of whatever "dessert" I wanted before 7pm. Then... if I felt hungry after that - I only allowed myself water. If I felt famished while I was first starting out on that "diet" I ALWAYS allowed myself to have a bowl of salad or fresh fruit. If I had to go over my limit for myself... I was determined to make sure that it was natural (whole) foods. That is what worked for me. But portion sizes and the schedule that works best for your body is the best way as well as adding exercise to that of course! Good luck! Maybe we can do it together! (I should have Hunter here within the next week or two).

The Farr's said...

First of all....HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I have known you since we were teenagers (technically we WERE teenagers still) and now look where we are! Who would have thought we would still be such good friends so many years later? I love ya!

As for the diet thing...I hear ya! It's hard to take care of yourself when you have to take care of everyone else. I agree with Janice....find what works for you and your body. I find myself hardly eating breakfast or lunch because I am just too busy. So, I have tried to plan ahead a little more. I cut up salad fixings either Sunday night or whenever I can find time over the weekend. Then, during the week, I can throw together a healthy lunch quickly. Hang in there and just keep trying different things until you find what works best for you!!

castlemom13 said...

Hey I can relate on the diet thing and I've been trying the TOPS program which has been working for me. But the fussy baby issue and not eating meals I found one thing that really worked for me was a sling. Dawniella was my fussy budget and I would put her in her sling, which put her close to me but left my hands free, and then eat dinner standing up, swaying. I got so much more done, especially with having other kids, by using my sling, but it took some practice.

Mark and Tammy said...

baby we are all in the same boat and I haven't had a baby in almost 4 years. I keep thinking maybe someday it will leave-sometimes I exercise really instensly and it doesn't do anything so I stop and then I binge-needless to say it is quite the hectic balance and I can't figure it out. I am waiting on a program from a long time friend of mine and if it works I will let you know-but I have heard is is really intese for 8 weeks and then ok-ugh why did Heavenly Father have to make the good things bad for us.

Susan said...

I say screw it and wait til you're 41! Hee hee.

WW is by far the best program I've found - well, you found it and recommended it to me. I just wish I was better at staying on program. I know it works - it's that self-control (or lack thereof) that makes it difficult. Good luck! You know I'm just an emal or an IM away if you need to vent to someone who understands :)

Christy said...

First of all, don't wait until 41! It does not get easier. After getting to goal at a steady pace in my 50's, it is much harder now. My sweet tooth has been my biggest issue as well. Last weigh in after 2 years of WW I have finally lost 7 pounds. Writing down everything I eat is the hardest this time around. I did it faithfully the first time and had much better results. Not having a meeting also makes WW harder. I also vote for the kids taking some rocking chair duty. Ben seems to like salads. Getting the whole family onboard would help a bunch. Tell them it is whart you want for your birthday. Happy Birthday, by the way.

Yearsley Family said...

Happy birthday!!!!

Weight is so over-rated, don't you think? I don't know what to tell you, because I usually have a really hard time losing weight, myself! I have tried WW, and it worked pretty well, but then I found out I was prego! Eating several small meals during the day has worked for me as well--even if you count snacks! Try to satisfy your sweet tooth with a healthy alternative--fruit or something. My biggest help with losing weight has been my gallbladder prob--I really have to be careful with what I am eting--very low fat--no grease. Good luck, Marie! Love ya girl!

becky said...

I can help you some if you would like. I am still trying to get off a little bit more weight but I am an athletic trainer and can help in that realm. I too love the sweets and to tell myself no doesn't work. So I count calories. It allows me to be accountable yet stick to a budget and eat some of the same things as the rest of the family. I am opposed to making a meal for me and then a meal for the family. You have to start eating something even if it is little first thing in the morning. It lets your body know you are awake and to get your metabolism going a little bit. If you want help, I love doing this stuff, let me know. I am all game. If not then I won't bug you with all of it. :)

ps we all feel this way after babies.