Wednesday, September 02, 2009

How could I forget?

Having 2 blogs and being on facebook, I forget when and where I post certain things. I forget that not everyone reads my blog (!) or some people aren't on Facebook. So for those of you who haven't heard...

We got our officially unofficial orders. Why are they considered unofficial? Because they aren't on paper. And if they aren't on paper...they are easily changed. BUT the fact that Ben is allowing me to publicly announce it is saying a lot. Anyhoo...our next duty station is...PORT HUENEME, CA!

I am absolutely ecstatic to be going so close to home. We have not been within a day's drive of family (let alone 2 hours)since the last time we were stationed there! And at that time, Connor was only one!

I am already plotting & planning. Trips over holiday weekends,visiting CA friends, trips during spring break, holidays with family...ahh I can't wait.

Seriously everyone is going to get sick of us! I can't wait!


becky said...

That is so exciting. Wow what a huge change

The Farr's said...

Man...I really wish I were still in Arizona!! Oh well, we will still have to figure out how to get together once you are back in the states!