Thursday, September 24, 2009

the long awaited blog update

(Oh for the cute!!)
( Connor in his classroom)
(Ethan's teacher's last name is Byrd. So this is him with his "byrd nest".
( by her all about me poster outside of her classroom)
("Ethan if you want a new shelf, you have to sand it yourself!" )

(Mommy's sweet pea)
(pre-k wears Ivan out!)
( Lots of love for Mason)
(Ivan waiting not so patiently for cookies)
(Why we like having Daddy home early!)
I hope you are sitting in a comfy chair, cause there is a lot going on around here!

Harmony has become a major bike rider. We always worry about her because she is not into sports AT ALL. She likes to spend a lot of time playing video games. However, one day she went out and decided to try again. The next thing we knew...she was all over the neighborhood. Now every day she hurries out to ride. Harmony will be starting Girl Scouts again. Her leader is our neighbor...very convenient! She is a junior GS and is looking forward to it. 5th grade has been good so far. We had open house last night. Her teacher let me know that she is very disorganized. Tell me something I don't know!(: She is supposed to be bringing a folder home every day and I haven't seen it once. We set up a reward chart and I hope that will help her!

Since it is my blog, and he is my child, I can brag a little right? Last night his teacher told us that he is ahead of every child in his class!!! He has to do seperate math problems so that he is challenged. He also is the highest reader. Go Ethan! Ethan hates wearing his tie to church every Sunday. I get new excuses every week. Last week I sat him down and asked him if he knew why we think it is important. He said no. I said well when you are twelve what happens? Exasperated he said, "I know I know! I have to go on a mission!" I started laughing, I told him unfortunatley they don't let us send boys out that early!

Connor also got a glowing report yesterday! His teacher let us know that he is consistenly finishing first. So she has him correct other people's work. He seems to have the most homework of all the kids. He and Ivan are now sharing a room. Connor and Ivan are both very messy. Ethan CAN be, but when it comes time to clean up...Ethan was all in his own. So I moved Ethan out. We are trying to teach Connor a little more responsibility...we'll see how it goes! I feel bad for Connor because he is such a night owl. But they have to be up at 6am every morning.Sometimes we are literally dragging him out of the bed. He is drinking instant breakfast in the car every morning since he is not awake enough to eat breakfast!

Ivan...well that is a whole post in itself. Ivan is so special to me. I know he is not my baby but the whole mother hen thing is...Ivan had a really bad day at school. If you follow me on facebook, you probably read about it. It was rough. On him. On me. The next day was better and every day just gets better and better. He started speech today and he said it was fun. He was so excited to show me the bear that he made in his class today! Ivan got to bring the snack in on Wed. He was soooo excited. He showed the bucket to everyone. Just Ivan and I went to the store to pick it out. I was worried because he wanted "black bears" aka chocolate teddy grahams. I was couldn't find just "black". But he took it well. Phew, crisis diverted. I worry about Ivan but we are taking one day at a time.

Mason is still known as "newborn or babyboy Turner" in all of the military programs. Like our insurance. One person tells us to go here, that person tells us to go to another. One big loop. Unfortunatley he hasn't been in for his 2 month appt. because of all this. Ben got on the scale with him a while ago and he weighed in at about 13 lbs. A nice big growing boy! He is sleeping through the night and has been for awhile now. I am grateful for all the sleep! He has a fussy period between about 4:30 to bedtime. It makes it difficult but I try to remind myself to enjoy it! Instead of reminding myself of all the other things I have to do!

Ben is now working about 5 minutes away from home. I love his short commute! We have been able to play at the park, go for walks and just enjoy having him home more. His job down here is not as difficult as his old one. So he has been studying for the next series in his tests so that he can get his architects license. He also is my own personal furniture maker. I keep him busy! He recieved his unofficial orders and is looking forward to being in a battalion.

I just got called back to the primary. I have been in a primary calling since I started going to a married ward. I figure I still have lots to learn because they keep putting me back in! This week I will be teaching sunbeams but I was actually called as the 2nd counselor. I also have been going walking and making healthier choices. I decided to go caffiene/pop free and have been since Sept.15th. Every time I get a headache or feel tired I miss it, but otherwise no. It has been a good choice for me. Other than that...well the kids keep me busy. I love the afternoons when we get to be a touch lazy.

So that is it. anyone still awake? I will try to do better with posting it has just been kind of crazy. Plus I couldn't get my memory card to work. But that has been fixed now so no worries!


~PakKaramu~ said...

Pak Karamu visiting your blog

Angie said...

Glad everyone is doing so well Marie!

The Anglesey Family said...

Ya....I WOULD LOVE A FIVE MINUTE COMMUTE!!!!! Holy cow! Take advantage of that!!!!

Yearsley Family said...

You are such a good mom! I need to be more like you! Congrats on giving up your pop--Ben did that a couple years ago and it was hard for him, but he doesn't regret it at all--way to go! Glad to see things are going well!

becky said...

you have been busy. It is funny because my first is in kindergarten and I know I am only getting a touch of the business but i already feel swamped. It is crazy. It sounds like they are all doing great. I love the missionary comment. Too cute.