Tuesday, March 31, 2009

up to my ears...

(Ethan with his project board. He chose "Why Volcano's Erupt"

(Harmony with her project on Global Warming)

This week (uhm yeah hello it is only Wednesday!) has been a busy one.

**We finished all Science Fair projects! Wahoo! After a lot of stress, and working hard, we got them all done. And Ben very sweetly took the kids to school so they didn't have to drag their ginormous boards on the bus!

**I have a side dish and bread to make for the funeral today. I have muffins to make (although am thinking maybe of doing sticky buns instead hmmm...)for the father & son camp out this weekend. Then on Saturday I am providing fruit and a side dish for the boys bbq after baseball. Lots of cooking and baking to be done!

**Yesterday as I was leaving the school, after picking up Iv-Guy (yes that is what I call him) my van was hit! agh! The girl who did it was driving a gov't vehicle. Oh goodness. At one point I swear there were 10 security guards out there. Her Chief came and personally apologized to me. I thought that was nice. I filled out forms and about 45 minutes later was on my way! We will see what happens with getting it fixed!

**For all of you who are state side, this is your conference weekend right? Well, not for us. We record the broadcast and watch it the week after. So next week, which is Easter Sunday for everyone else, will actually be conference weekend here. Make sense? Well how about this, this Sunday will be our Easter Sacrament meeting...Hmmm

**Their is a father & son campout on Friday!And we have deemed that Ivan is finally old enough to go too! You know what this means right? GNO! Girls night out. Too bad for Harmony, that Ben and I have just accepted the challenge of not eating out for the whole month of April. So what will we do instead? Harmony's choice baby!

And as I have a million and one things to do today, I will leave you with that!


The Farr's said...

I really don't know how you keep up with it all! You guys are always so busy!! Enjoy your girls night out with Harmony. How fun for you two! And I am so sorry about your van. I am glad no one is hurt, but what a hassle!

How are you feeling? How is the diabetes/sugar thing going?

becky said...

you are such a good mom. i don't think I could do all that you do. What great experiences your kids get.