Tuesday, March 24, 2009

it's funny...

I have been having such a hard time updating my blog. I keep thinking that there is nothing going on. Then, all of a sudden I have like 50 posts that I want to write. So here is another one...

Every Tuesday and Thursday I drive all the boys down to baseball practice. The older boys get out. Ivan stays in the car. We wait until Ben comes and than we go home.

Every Tuesday and Thursday Ivan screams and cries about not being able to get out.After Ben telling me he was going to get someone out to condemn the bleachers I have said no.

Every Tuesday and Thursday Ben tells me I don't have to wait around, I can drop the boys off and go.

Every Tuesday and Thursday I tell him I can't do that. What if one of the boys get hurt and neither of us are there?

Every Tuesday and Thursday I threaten Ivan with bodily harm if he doesn't calm down.

Every Tuesday and Thursday he still screams and cries. He uses his "nice words" like please and than gets upset when Mom STILL says no.

Every Tuesday and Thursday I feel like screaming and crying and using nice words. I always remember, "THERE'S NO CRYING IN BASEBALL!" and I try to be tough.

After lots of screaming and crying (on both of our parts) we came home. Ivan said, " I go watch a movie on your bed." I say "fine." I start on dinner and mess around on the computer. I hear crying. And screaming. I want to pull my hair out.

He is all by himself. No one is there to mess with him. I ignored him FOR AN HOUR. I finally had enough and went to check on him. His elbow was stuck in the slats of our head board. " Mommy I have been stuck here forever already." I felt awful. I got his elbow out. Gave him lots of kisses and asked why he didn't say, "Mommy come help me". He looked at me and said "no Mommy I not say that." Yeah no kidding.

He snuggled with me and gave me kisses. And with red, swollen eyes fell asleep on my lap. Poor kid. Life is rough!


Anna said...

Oh man - doesn't that feel awful? I had a similar situation with Jackson where he was calling me from the potty for about 1/2 hour. I heard him - I just thought he was complaining about something. In our defense though - if we didn't tune it out sometimes we'd go insane! :)

becky said...

I love your posts. Isn't that how our lives are a lot of the time. The same thing over and over and yet it still isn't they way we would want it.

Landon got his leg stuck in the crib once and I thought he just didn't want to go to sleep so I ignored him for a little bit. I ended up having to use butter to get him out. I hope that makes you feel a little better.

Eight is Enough said...

A couple weeks ago Mia (my 2 year old) fell down and then wouldn't stop whining/crying and after ignoring her for a half hour I realized her elbow had come out of the socket when she fell. I felt like the worst mom ever so it is kind of nice to year about other people's similar stories.