Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I seriously wonder how boys who don't live on military bases, do scouts? The boys here have sooo many options. Just have your Dad take your den to work! Seriously!

Ben arranged for the Wolf den to go to his work and learn about the environment. ** He offered to take them to the water treatment plant, saying "it doesn't smell THAT bad", and I declined!!**

Harmony' GS troop actually went on a submarine once.

We have gone to the security compound and saw the police dogs, and got on the security boat, atv's etc.

What can we say? Military Dads (and Moms) have cool jobs!

One of the dad's in Connor's den is a Captain ( I believe) in the Coast Guard. He arranged for us to go and tour a boat. So on a very, very rainy Thursday the boys and I headed down for the tour. Harmony opted to stay home!!

**********Note to Uncle Steve***********************
I realize that you probably don't read this, but just in case, I am sorry for not knowing the proper terms. You will probably cringe as I describe our experience. Sorry!

OK continuing on.... I don't know what size this boat was but we headed down to the mess hall first. Next to the tables were a tv and several different game consoles. Of course every boy had to tell them what their favorite game was!

They looked in the kitchen (I won't complain about my kitchen anymore! There's was tiny!)

They got to look in the different rooms, like the engine room. They got to see all the guns lined up and of course the bathroom. Very exciting. Their beds were like "racks" on the Navy ships and didn't look comfortable at all!

While walking around, Ethan told one of the men that, "My Uncle is in the Coast Guard." One of the men said, " That's cool. What is his name?" Ethan responded with, "Uncle Steve."

They got to go to the top and "drive" the boat, play with the guns (all the boy's favorite), climb ladders and ran around like crazy boys!

By this time, I have to say that I was beyond sea sick! I thought I was going to throw up over the side! :) We got pictures with some of the crew and headed out.

As the boys were getting off, some of the crew said, "OK you guys are going to join up now right? Join the Coast Guard?"

Of course all the boys said yes! They started walking down the ramp and out to the cars when one of the boys very calmly said, " Are we going to go join up now?" So cute.

It was a fun and wet outing! We are so grateful to all those who serve! Even if they aren't in the Navy! :)


The Farr's said...

How fun for the boys! BTW~love your new background and picture at the top. Too cute!!

becky said...

What a memorable experience for all of the boys. They should get to have all these great memories. It is the least that can be done for the boys who have mom's and dad's who serve for our country.

Yearsley Family said...

How fun! Those will be some of the boys' favorite memories when they get older!
And I have to agree with Beth--I love the new blog makeover! So cute!