Sunday, March 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Seabees!!!

(Don't we look like we are having fun? And that I am trying to keep my top from showing anything!lol!)
(Navfac wardroom aka the people Ben works with)
(The spouse club)
(My very fancy ball shoes! My dress was really long and you couldn't see my feet. I also knew that the parking garage was not close to the ball room, so I took advantage!)

(The birthday cake with frosting that turned your mouth blue!)
(My centerpiece that I won, thanks to Ben!)
I have really struggled to keep this blog updated, ecspecially on non-pregnancy related issues!:)

I was trying to decide if I wanted to go to Seabee Ball this year. Finding a formal maternity dress, figuring out hair, make up, jewlery, babysitting etc. etc.It is a lot of work! Once I found a dress though, I was all in! I found it online and was excited when it got here on time! The top was a little big and needs to be taken in, but thanks to safety pins and double sided worked! :)

Our friends took the kids over night. It was so nice because we just met them at church the next day. I didn't even have to wake up early with kids. Ben and I slept until 8! Lovely sleep, lovely!

We had a great time and I was glad I went. Last year I was really involved in our Spouse club, but with my crazy schedule this year that just hasn't happened. So it was fun to get together and catch up. Although I have to say that my favorite part (besides being all dressed up and on a date with Ben) is when everyone stands up and sings the Seabee Song. I just love it! Anyway,it was a lot of fun.

**And just to add some little pregnancy news, 2 more days until we find out! Wahoo!


Little Hensley Fam said...

I love that you wore flip flops! I'll bet you were the most comfortable one in your shoes! lol! So how much longer do you guys have there in Guam?? It seems like you should be coming to an end, but I haven't noticed you mention anything? Guess what? I finally joined the YMCA... and will be going today. The kids are pretty excited too! (for the play area and pool!) It made me think of you!

The Barton Family said...

You looked great! It is fun to have a fancy night out once in a while. I love the shoes by the way! Very trendy!

Marie said...

You know what Deborah, I was totally comfortable all night! :) Last year, I kept kicking my shoes off and than putting them back on when we would stand up. Not this time! And I must not have told you but our orders were extended. We weren't happy about it but...we have one more year to go. We leave May 2010. At least I don't have to leave with a newborn!