Thursday, March 12, 2009

the diabetes question

Ahhhh...I am so happy. I have NOTHING that has to be done today. OK laundry but seriously that is like an every day thing that has to be done. :)

So I have had some people ask me about the diabetes situation. Are you ready for this? OK here goes...I am normally the kind of person who follows my doctor's advice to a T. I listen and assume that they know what is best. After my meeting with the dietician I am feeling...not so sure about the information given. When they called to make the appointment, the phrasing used was, " Your levels are just way to high, you have to start checking your blood sugars." I was scared. To be honest, I did a few days of research and read all about things that go wrong and things that go right. But I was nervous. OK I was really, really scared!

Imagine my surprise, when I went in and found out that I had "failed" my tests by 4 points. Uhm, those are "seriously high"? They were less than what I had at the one hour test. We talked and she gave me an 1800 calorie a day diet. As soon as she said that, I could see red flags. I am a pregnant Mother and you are telling me to eat that little? A "typical" lunch is 2oz. of protein, 2 servings of a fat, 1 grain and 2 servings of vegi's (did you know a serving is only half a cup?) oh and 1 serving of fruit. So I had a salad with 1 cup of lettuce a little bit of chicken breast, salad dressing as the fat, a slice of toast and a half cup of pears...And I was starving. All I could think about was food. Did my blood sugar stay low? Well yeah,but I was starving not only myself but the baby.

The dietician I saw is not diabetic, she doesn't have any kids and so has never been pregnant. I thought she was a very nice person but...wasn't sure if she knew exactly what the answer was. Ben reminded me that military doctors do not have the same kind of experience as civilians. Yes they go to med school, and have their military training but then they are thrown right in. Ben thinks that they are very, very cautious.

This post is getting long but this is where I am right now. I don't feel like my blood sugar is the main problem. I feel like the problem is my weight and activity level, which of course leads to adult onset diabetes. I have been talking to people with diabetes (Mom, sister, friends) and they have all given me advice. I have researched and prayed and feel like my answer does liewithin watching what I eat. Not necessarily sticking to a low carb diet, but eating low fat well rounded meals. I have been really careful and eating low fat, good healthy foods. I am not starving myself. I am not starving the baby. I have had lots of energy and am not feeling dizzy or anything. So I am doing what I feel is right FOR ME.

I have been reminded that I am my own advocate. I know what my life is like. I know my history. I know my religious beliefs. I know my priorities.

I did have to laugh at one point when she told me that I was to eat 3 meals and 3 snacks a day. And I should have "no problems following the schedule because since I have kids we already have a set schedule". I laughed at the set schedule part. Monday's schedule is different from Tuesday's. Tuesday is different from Wednesday and so on and so forth. For example last night I had a snack at around 5:30 but had a church meeting at 7:30. By the time I got home at 9:30 I was hungry and decided to eat dinner. At almost 10 at night. I don't think that is a normal "dinner time" do you?

So give me some opinions here...How many of you have ever thought that your doctor/s weren't right and did your own thing?


Janice said...

Well, my military doctor told me I needed to get an Ultrasound and Mammogram done for one of my breasts. (long story) I did research and stuff and really felt that if I decided to do ANYTHING about it - Mammogram would not be one of those on the list. People my age don't need one - EVEN if they have a STRONG family history of breast cancer (which I don't have). An ultrasound would be a little more doable and have a better chance of showing accurate results. Anyway... I'll end this book - so I know how you feel!

The Anglesey Family said...

This is a tuffy! But, its always better to be safe than sorry. Its hard though. Ahh! I would be in the same dilemma as you.

becky said...

I have been so fortunate with my doctors. However, my brother is a surgeon and he has made this comment a handful of times that I can remember. You would take your car in for 2nd and 3rd opinions before spending any money on a repair but when it comes to your body you take the word of one person. Yes they are doctors but not all are right for you and they are people too. Sometimes they are not right on the mark. I would follow doctors orders but just maybe look around. you can also look up diabetes diets on line. I know they have a ton of cookbooks that are geared toward diabetics. I hope you come to a solution. I am curious as to what you decide to do and what works. Let me know.

Susan said...

I wouldn't ignore the doctor's/nutritionist's advice completely. Sure, they're being cautious - that's their job. I'm wondering if the best idea would be to call the nutritionist and tell her that you're STARVING on 1800 cals./day - maybe she will have some advice.

I do hate it when my doctors say things like, "It's so tough to have diabetes" and "It takes a lot of work to keep your blood sugar under contro." I want to snap, "Yeah? How would you know?" But, of course,I don't :) I know they're trying their best to help their patient. Even if I am a mouthy know-it-all (in my head, anyway).