Monday, January 19, 2009


**Ben told me that he hasn't been checking my blog because I haven't been updating it! The nerve!

We were watching Prince Caspian for family movie night when Ethan said, "that is so unfair! They have so many more people than the Narnians!"

Harmony pipes up with, " well Ethan it is war. And war isn't fair for anyone." Hmmm

So my clothes are starting to feel tight-ish. I have been known to be in pj/sweat/elastic waist pants by oh say...noon. Today I went to K-Mart to see if I could find something. And as I was browsing, I saw two shirts that made me want to gag. First one said, " Don't worry, it's not yours" and the second one said, "I'm all knocked up and I have no where to go." Hello, just because you are pregnant does not mean that you have lost your dignity.
Ivan is on my last nerve. And I have a seriously bad head cold. Will there ever come a time that I feel normal? I am thinking not for like another 7-8 months!


heidigoseek said...

well, look on the bright side...once he's used up all your nerves, he'll have to get on someone elses:)

Angie said...

I hope you feel better soon Marie, at least in as far as the cold goes. As for the rest, well you know how that goes!

Mary Davis said...

Thanks for the comment! Meds are a good thing for our kiddos. It's just my opinion, but it sure did calm my son's nerves down. He had a really hard time at church for 5 years and now he sit through sacrament! I'm VERY gratiful because they get bigger and it get harder they tantrum. How old is your son? Nile started on Risperdal when he was 2 1/2 and we added Prozac when he was 4. At 5 1/2 we added Ritalin and that was the key! I had him on all 3 meds for a year. Last week, I took him off Prozac because he was also diagnosised with Bipolar. Prozac makes bipolar kiddos have more anexiety. They are going to start him on a biapolar med in 5 weeks. It hard to make the decisions about meds, however my son has been sooooo much happier and can function way better on them!!! Goodluck and let me know if you have any questions:) Susan has my number if you ever need to call me.

Mary Davis said...

Okay, I was talking to Nile and typing at the same time. After I summited my comment I read it and I realized that I shouldn't deal with Nile and type at the same time. Please excuse my typo's! Opps!

becky said...

You definately won't feel "normal" for some time. Sorry. But I agree. We do have some dignity even if some days we don't necessarily feel that way.

The Anglesey Family said...

Oh my gosh....Go to Motherhood!

Even the NEX had a horrendous selection of maternity clothes.

I remember looking at a maternity shirt that had people waving in parachutes.
Lame, I know.