Tuesday, January 27, 2009

just so you know

It is 1:11 in the afternoon and I have

**dinner rolls rising on the counter

**pulled bbq chicken in the crockpot ( this is just for me. I had leftover chicken and wanted to use it up. Ben is not the biggest fan of it so I will just munch on it and put leftovers in the freezer.

**a meatloaf all prepared and sitting in the fridge waiting to be cooked

Not to mention that the dishwasher, washer,and dryer are all going. Plus I am looking up a Paula Deen recipe to make as a treat for dinner. Although Ivan just told me, " I just don't like treats". So far, I am doing pretty well! I think it's time for a little nap! :)


The Farr's said...

You totally rock!

The Anglesey Family said...

Sounds sooo good! I want the recipe!

Avis La Fin said...

Wow....are you going to cook like that for me while I'm there??? Are you making me a list??? Love, Mom

Marie said...

Of course I will Mom! :) Anything for you. I am making a list I just need to email you with it. I know it has been forever since I called. We have just been so sick lately. But I will give you a call to talk about your trip!! I am so excited to see you.

Tiff, it is way easy to make. I'll email you the recipe!

Thanks Beth! I have an email for you about dinner stuff too. I just haven't had a chance today. But I didn't forget about you!

Janice said...

I love those days when I am just "on". Good for you!!!

becky said...

I love when I can feel productive like that. Don't wear yourself out though.

Cindy said...

I need some of your ambition!