Wednesday, January 28, 2009

"normal children"

I am a cry baby. I am. I cry at sappy commercials and romance movies. I cry when my kids do sweet things or I hear a song that reminds me of someone. I admit it. I can cry pretty darn easily. But these pregnancy hormones just make it a 1000 times worse!!

I am having a hard time dealing with the fact that Ivan will be 4 next Wednesday. Sigh, where has the time gone? I can't believe that he has been in our lives for such a little amount of time, because it seems like, it's been more than that.

Ivan is not "normal". Ivan never will be. But I love my little Jedi more than anything. And today, I had a Mommy moment that left me bawling and got me strange looks from the guards. So what is this moment you might be wondering? Well...

By the time my "normal children" were 4, they had been invited to plenty of birthday parties, had playdates and were invited over to other childrens houses. Not Ivan. Ivan doesn't have any friends. He doesn't. He has people that he recognizes, from school and church, but he doesn't have a friend. He doesn't want to play with other kids (except his siblings) he doesn't even necessarily know that other kids are there. He spends a lot of time off in his own Ivan centered universe. Which is fine. But at the same time, makes me very sad.

Today, as I was dropping him off at school, one of the Mom's stopped me and said, " I have an invitation for Ivan to go to my sons' birthday party." It wasn't an invitation to "all the Turner kids", it was for Ivan. Someone had looked past his traits & quirks and said, "we want him at this party". It honestly meant so much to me. I always just take it for granted that our other kids are invited to do things. But for someone to invite Ivan, just made my morning. I don't know if we will be able to go, but just knowing that he was invited. Sigh...I need some tissue.


The Anglesey Family said...

Oh my gosh....I cried reading your post. How special.

The Farr's said...

I cried too!

becky said...

That is so cute. With Ivan you are able to take the small things and really appreciate them. That is a true blessing.