Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Life at 100 mph

Literally that is how it feels! Our family continues on at a break-neck pace. Will it ever end? I doubt it! Here is what we have been up too for those who may have missed us!

**Basketball, basketball and more basketball. We signed the kids up for the season and than it was changed to a clinic. And I am pretty darn happy about that! As is, we are at the gym M,W,F from 5-7. The boys are in one age bracket and Harm in the other. Sometimes Ben stays and sometimes I do. Sometimes we all do. It has not been easy for Ivan! The kids love it though. They were very scared to try it but once they got in their they had a great time. Oh and might I just add that the gym is my least favorite place to take pictures!

**Cubscouts is back in full swing. Except go me, I didn't realize that my den is almost completely done. It has been nice to be able to relax a little on that! Although we have a big camping trip next week.The boys are verrrry excited. Me, hmmm it's still like 88 degrees at night, with mosquitos, the bathrooms are pretty far away...well it will be worth it to have the boys happy, right? Right?

** Appointments. Last Friday I went in and was able to get my first ultrasound. This one was just to check the baby's size, how many there were (phew only 1) and to make sure everything was ok. And it was! I have the first picture of our baby. We showed it to the kids but they were very unsure about what it was. I pointed the arms, legs and head out to them but they still weren't sure it was a baby in there!

**School. Back to school has been both good and bad. The kids seemed to forget about getting their uniform ready the night before, packing lunches, going to bed early, being responsible about bringing your homework home etc. It has been pure joy, let me tell you. Ivan has had the hardest time going back. Lots of tantrums,screaming, and aggression. We are going to have him meet with his pediatrician and the developmental pediatrician ( the one who diagnosed him) to see what all we can do for him. We are worried about our little man and hope to get a few answers.

Well that is all I am going to bore you with for now.


Janice said...

Go Marie! I'm not sure how I would be able to handle all that AND be pregnant! You rock!

heidigoseek said...

i'm don't think it will ever stop, either. there's always a good activity to sign up for. the rest of the family pays the price, though.

The Anglesey Family said...

How are you feeling?

becky said...

You have to be so exhausted. I can't even imagine. Such a great mom.