Tuesday, January 06, 2009

note to self

**No matter how much you want the house to get cleaned, it won't do it by itself.

**Please remember that you need to get cheese and corn chips for the chili lunch tomorrow.

**You have not had enough water today. Keep drinkin'!

**Change is coming. It is coming very soon, so be prepared.

**Ivan just dumped out a basket of folded laundry

**The kids will be home from school soon. Harmony and Connor are not allowed to play video games after school.

** You still need to write your Christmas thank you's.

**You need to seriously update your calender. It's not as blank as it looks.

** You need to find a ride for Connor to go to Cub Scouts tomorrow.

** You need to finalize what you will be doing for Cub scouts tomorrow.

**The a/c at the Exchange is broken. Don't go in if it is not absolutely necessary.

** Remember extra batteries for basketball pictures tonight.

**Get off the computer and start your to do list. Now!

** Oh and Ivan is now jumping on your laundry basket...and he's poopy.


heidigoseek said...

can i borrow your list? take away the poopy diapers and you've just about got it right for me, too:)

The Barton Family said...

Oh how I wish the first one was true!! Have you ever noticed HEidi is always the firsto comment on peoples blogs! That girl is on top of things!!

becky said...

I love your posts. I never know what you are going to write. Don't the to do lists seem overwhelming sometimes?

Cathy and Tim Hanson said...

Sounds like you have your hands full. I love reading your blog. There's always something new!