Tuesday, December 09, 2008

muffins & a Christmas tree

The other morning I made poppy seed muffins. Connor came up to me and said, "Mom I just love Popeye muffins." I looked at him and than couldn't help but crack up. He looked at me and said, " that is what they are called is it?" Not quite...popeye muffins. Too funny.


And here are the pictures of the kids decorating the tree. The "theme" of our tree is, "let the kids put ornaments wherever". At this stage in our/their lives, it works for us! We always put the tree up the day after Thanksgiving. I had gone Black Friday shopping and felt completely awful by the time we were going to decorate. So I had the kids do it while I took pictures. They had fun. They have hung around the tree, every day since it was put up. We do have some gifts under there now. So they spend a lot of time there. I just love watching my kids experience the magic of the holidays!

And last but not least, this is my 800th post! Holy cow!January marks 3 years. That is a lot of our life recorded!


heidigoseek said...

you rock!!
blogging like you do really is a journal of your life...thanks for letting us take a peek:)

becky said...

I love the random comments your kids make. So sweet. Our Christmas tree was go as fast as possible and put the ornaments anywhere because mom is trying to pretend this is fun. I need this baby out and it isn't time yet.