Thursday, December 18, 2008

How many days left?

(Ivan's gingerbread house, "just like Ethan's mommy!")
( He did a good job, didn't he?)
(munching popcorn and watching the Muppets Christmas movie. Nice face from Harm!)
( Can you believe that made it home on the bus? In one piece?)
It seems like the closer it gets to Christmas, the wilder my kids get. You would think that with the threat of Santa handing out coal instead of gifts, might calm them down but, it hasn't yet. It's been a nice quiet week here with the majority of events and activities canceled. However the kids have been busy. I realize lately I have mostly been talking about "our little raspberry" so here is what the other munchkins are up too...

Harmony came to me bright and early Tuesday morning, saying she was throwing up. I honestly love this age when they just come tell you, not because you have to clean it up, but just for your info! She stayed home all day Tuesday and barely got out of bed, with a fever all day. Wednesday was the day of the 4th/5th grade choir concert that she had been practicing for. She insisted that she was fine and wanted to go to school. I told her ok. I sent the kids out to get in the car, while I grabbed something. I come out to find Harmony on her knees in the grass. I asked her what she was doing and she said she was going to throw up. I sent her back to her room. She was so bummed about missing the concert. She does feel a lot better now though!

Ethan has been kind of a stink lately. I swear my kids take turns with who is going to act up in which week. Although the boys would have a tie this week. Yesterday Ethan decided to give Harmony's scooter away, to a girl in the neighborhood. I told him to go and get it back. He comes back in with, "well she said she would give it back if I gave her a popsicle." Hmmm, it was funny because when I went out there, she dropped the scooter and ran! She wasn't so tough after all.

Connor has been driving me nuts. He has been refusing to get up and get ready for school. It is literally 5 minutes before the bus comes and I am putting his shoes on, getting his lunch bag in his backpack and pushing him out the door. Ben was tired of it the other day, so he picked Connor up and got him out of bed. He told him to get his uniform on, and then Ben headed for the shower. And what did Connor do? Got right back into bed. He is really testing his limits right now. He has been sent to bed early almost every night this week!

Ivan has been pretty good lately. Apparently it is not his turn in the rotation yet. He is actually getting really excited about Santa and it is so cute. His teacher gave him a gift and he had to hold it until he could put it under the tree. Suprisingly enough, he didn't even try to open it!

Well I have a ton to do but there is just a little glimpse of what we have been up too!


becky said...

so fun. If my kids were driving my crazy at the same time and being stinkers, then the threat of leaving them out on the curb for someone else to take them home may actually happen. That is why I think only one at a time acts up. However if I knew they were both bad and then they would both be done at the same time and I could have some peace then maybe that would be a good trade off. Really my boys are really good but Christmas is getting them a little hyper. Now I am rambling. Sorry. Have a great day.

Christy said...

Ethan's house is so cool. He is really creative. Getting it home in one piece on the bus is totally awesome. Connor is sounding very much like his Daddy right now.

heidigoseek said...

we're doing the candy house tonight! wish me luck:) and i mean luck with the 2 1/2 week vacation from school!

Little Hensley Fam said...

This totally sounds like us this week, minus the throwing up part. I haven't blogged about it YET, but Jonas decided to cut his pjs with scissors, and cut a chunk out of his hair. Then decided to open one of his presents under the tree, rationalizing that it was already ripped so he could open it since it was his. If I wouldn't have been so mad at him for doing that I would've taken a picture!