Sunday, December 21, 2008

Holiday lights, parties & rice krispie houses

We had a totally relaxing week, last week. It was amazing. We did get out and do a few things though. Being sick all the time, has made me kind of feel like a hermit. So it was nice to get out!

Friday night Connor was supposed to have a "Go See It" with his Cub scout den. However, they moved it to Saturday. So because of our Branch Christmas party, he wouldn't be able to go. We could go as a family though and he could still get credit.

After dinner at the kids favorite place, Naps ( they seriously love it there), we headed down to the Hilton. They have a huge train set up and a nice tree and decorations. The kids loved watching the train. Ivan had his eye set on one train and raced around trying to keep up with that one specific train! This little trip prompted lots of comments and questions about, whether or not we would ever see snow again.

Saturday evening was our Christmas party for church. I had not been feeling well all day, and actually planned to skip it. But when Ben said he wouldn't take pictures of the kids with Santa, I went anyway. The kids were very cute singing their songs. Well Connor never sings, but at least he doesn't cause any problems either!:) Santa unfortunatley, could not attend this year. (The rumor was the costume couldn't be found)and so my whole reason for going was a mute point. Oh well. We had a nice time chatting with friends and eating good food!

Yesterday I told the kids if they would just let me take a nap ( this was after about 5 requests) I would let them make Rice Krispie houses. We found a little kit at the commissary and I thought it sounded a lot easier than gingerbread houses! So they had a good time making those. The box said it only made one house, but we got 3 with some leftover.

Tonight is the Rain Gutter Regatta for the boys. After that we will just be doing a lot of baking, wrapping, watching Christmas movies, and just enjoying each other and the season!


Susan said...

I love Ethan's expressions - he's looks SOOO excited to be singing! Too bad Santa didn't get to come - I think Toby's sat on his lap about 5 times this year. It's funny what you will do just for pictures, huh?

The Anglesey Family said...
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The Anglesey Family said...

How funny! Poor kids who missed out on the Chamarro santa!

I bet Ivan had a blast watching the trains. You do such fun things with your kids.
Hope you're feeling better! Miss you!!!

Navylangs said...

No Chamorro Santa this year - just ho hum/grumpy Dave.
I wanted to go to Rota walk - but because we had Santa duty the dinner won out. Blah.

becky said...

Isn't it so nice to be able to just hang out and do stuff as a family.

Little Hensley Fam said...

I like Harmony's hair short like that, it looks cute on her! Glad you could get out and do some fun stuff as a family! Are you all ready for Christmas??