Friday, December 05, 2008

2 cute 2 pass up

Here is a "kid tag". Ask your kids the following questions. You can not encourage any answers! Here we go...

What does Mom always say to you?
H: Have I ever told you that you are really cute?
E: I am cute
C: I am cute
I: I love Ivan

What makes Mom happy?
H: good grades
E: being good
C: kisses
I: me

What makes Mom sad?
H: When I do bad things.
E:when I don't help clean up
C: fighting
I: me

How does Mom make you laugh?
HEC: tickling

How old is Mom?

How tall is Mom?
H: 3ft
E:6 ft
I: Daddy

What does Mom like to do?
H: scrapbook
E: scrapbook
C: clean and take naps
I: no answer on that one

What is Mom's job?
H: to raise us to be adults
E:to keep us safe
C: to clean
I: kids room

What is Mom's favorite food?
H: breakfast for dinner
E: salads
I: grapes

How do you know Mom loves you?
H: She lets me have a home
E:for caring about me
C: Because we do good things sometimes
I: you like me

Too cute. So I tag any/everyone who has kids who can speak! It's cute to hear their responses! :)

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The Farr's said...

That is so cute! I am so going to do this when Austin gets home!