Monday, December 29, 2008

Life at the Turners

Oh my heart. Morning sickness has literally knocked me off of my feet. I wake up STARVING, but then after eating (so far it really hasn't mattered what it is) makes me so sick that I am laying down. Then I will start to feel better, only to get dizzy and sick and lay back down. I will force myself to do laundry or dishes or something, only to find myself, guess where? Back on the couch. I have had some good days, but unfortunatley I tend to get as much stuff done as I can, and by the evening am so worn out that I fall asleep...on the couch. Can you guess who my new best friend is? I am starting to feel a little like a hermit. I only get out when it is absolutely necessary. And even then, like at the NEX yesterday, I feel so sick before I get anything done, so I make no eye contact with anyone and just try to get through the store without throwing up in the aisle. Lovely. I forgot how bad morning sickness can really be. I forgot how much being preggo can take out of you. I forgot what it is like to take care of a baby on the inside, and 4 others on the outside. OK so this is the only time I have had 4 on the outside but you know what I mean!


I have deep, deep concerns over the next couple of months. Why? Well the 3 olders have all been enrolled in basketball. So at this moment in time, this is what our weekly schedule looks like. Mondays- Cub Scout leader meetings and Girl Scouts. Tuesdays: basketball practice and than Harm and Ben are at the church for meetings and Achievement Days, Wednesdays: my cub scout den meetings Thursdays: Connor's cub scouts, basketball practice Friday: Family night, but also pack meetings,and other things scheduled for those days ( b-day parties, etc) Saturdays:basketball games and also the taking care of the home Sundays: There has been a rumor that I will have a new calling soon. Which means more work for me. Does that scare you? It does me!

I have had a few people ask some baby questions so here is the 411 on that...I am a little over 2 months now. I am hoping and praying that the morning sickness will be gone by the end of next month (everyone feel free to pray for me also). I go in on the 9th to have my first ultra sound. Just to hear the heart beat and measure. I am looking forward to it very much. When the time comes, I will be finding out. I mean come on, I want to go shopping for a new baby!:) So far the vote is 6/6 in favor of having a girl. However, we will take what we get. I used the Chinese birth chart and it showed us having a boy. However when we plugged the info in for the other kids, it was wrong. So who knows right? We have a girl named all planned but no boy names. If it is a boy we will probably let the kids pick, although we may end up with Annakin or Indiana. :)

In March, we will be meeting my parents in Hawaii!! I can't wait. I am excited to take the kids this time, even though it means a lot more work! I am anxious to see my parents. It will be so wonderful.

And Ben surprised me with an early birthday gift. I know, really early. I haven't told anyone yet but...I get to go home!! The baby and I will be coming home for 2 weeks. He is going to pay for a commercial flight so that I can just get straight there and back. No trying to hop on Space A flights. I am looking forward to it. He will have the kids for 2 weeks on his own. I asked him if he wanted me to go in the summer so he doesn't have to worry about homework, GS, church activities, CS etc. But he said he would rather do that than try to entertain them all day every day!


I know this post is getting way long but...Christmas was a crazy day for us. The kids were up at 6:03. We had to wake Ivan up to come down. He wasn't as excited as the older kids. They were of course spoiled rotten. The older kids just played with their toys. We had a little bit of crankiness but not too bad.

However this was the first Christmas that Ivan really knew what was going on. And let me tell you, he had a hard time with it. First of all, he was way tired. Second it was sensory overload. Third, kids with autism tend to hyper-focus on things. So he opened one of his gifts and didn't want anything else. It was a Lego set. Of course he wanted ben to put it together right that minute. Forget the fact that he had a pile of presents left to be opened. Forget the fact, that their were still presents under the tree waiting to be handed out. He would also hyper-focus onto the boys toys. Making it frustrating for them and for us. He had a rough time. Ben and I were trying to be patient on very little sleep, but didn't always work. I had been feeling bad that he has never had a friend birthday party, but now I don't. I don't plan on doing one for a while either. It's just too much for him. He fell asleep cuddled up with me that night. What can we say? It was a long day!

And there you go. The novel that is the happenings at our house.


Anna said...

You poor thing! I need a nap just after reading that :( Hope you feel better soon!

Christy said...

That is the kind of all day sickness used to get. I know it sounds gross, but what helped was sipping on a small glass of water with a out a 1/4 tsp. of vinegar in it. You barely tast the vinegar but it stopped the nausea. A pharmacist recommended that and drinking the water after boiling ginger root.

becky said...

You always sound so busy. On the nausea. I am sure you get all kinds of advise but this has worked for me. I take a 1/2 a unisom at night. Just the generic. It helps me sleep better but if I do need to get up I can. (I get the throw ups all through my pregnancy) but it really makes things better. I still get sick sometimes but it really makes it so I can function. Worth a shot. My doc said to just take it the whole pregnancy. You just always seem so busy. I hope you have some help.

The Anglesey Family said...