Wednesday, September 03, 2008

This & That...and everything in between

I have had all these little things that I have been wanting to share...but just haven't! So here we go...

**Ivan is having such a good time going to school. Starting next week, he will be going Monday-Thursday from 8:15-10:45. It is a nice little break and not too long!:) His teachers are WONDERFUL. I can not say enough good things about them. They had a fire drill today, and so they have spent every day talking about firefighters, trucks, drills etc. so that when it did happen they wouldn't be scared. Then he made the cutest little fire truck ever. They have been taking tons of pictures and so I will be making albums for all the kids in the class. There are only 4 so...It won't be too hard. His teacher is going to come to the house, and work with him on making transitions in the home too. Like leaving the park when asked instead of us picking him up screaming and crying. What did I tell you? A teacher willing to come to your house to help on issues at home. We are so lucky!

**Harmony's drama-mama is getting crazy! She is really just upset at the whole world lately. I am not sure how much more I can handle of this.

**The boys have decided that they really don't want to share a room with Ivan anymore. So once again, I have to give up my scrapbook room. I am sad but, we just don't have a big enough house to have a scrapbook room. Although I will probably leave some of the bigger stuff in there.

**I have been slacking off on emails and I have so many I need to catch up on. I have had several people ask about the freezer cooking and so I am going to email you about it, I promise!

** Labor Day was a fun day for our family. We headed out to Jeff's Pirate Cove, a little restaurant near Talafofo. The kids loved seeing all the pirate stuff. We had a pretty yummy lunch( the hamburger was so cute with a little pirate stamp on the bun). It is right out on the water and so the kids wanted to go down to the ocean. We decided to head out to the beach when we got home. First we took a few pictures in all the Guam signs. Ethan loved all the pirate flags and kept saying, "dead men tell no tales" and "surrender your booty". He wants a pirate flag for Christmas.

So anyway, we came home and got ready for the beach. We went out to Gab Gab and went and played around. I happened to lock the keys in the van, but luckily I was able to borrow a cell phone and call my neighbor to come bring an extra. So no harm done! We had a great time and played and snorkeled. I really hadn't had the chance to do very much snorkeling, so I went out that day. Although I stayed near the shore, to help Ben with the kids, it was so neat. I loved seeing all the fish. Ben took Harm way out and they saw a ton of stuff. Very fun and I want to do it again. But maybe next time with an underwater camera!

**And last but not least, Ivan met with the speech therapist last week. She was very impressed with how well he spoke. So Ben decided to teach him a new phrase. He spent one of the days of his break, watching the Oregon State Beavers lose ( one of the highlights of his weekend) and than watched U of O crush the UW Huskies. So what phrase did he teach Ivan? "Beavers Suck." Sigh...


becky said...

How awesome school is going well. i hear that age with girls is so hard. Which is crazy because when I was young I swear it really started as a teenager. But they say that girls are maturing younger and younger. Good luck with that. Looks like you had fun. my boys are way into pirates right now. They would think that is so cool.

The Anglesey Family said...

I am so glad to hear that you like Ivan's teachers. THAT IS SOOO IMPORTANT! I know you are going to LOVE your free time!!!!