Sunday, September 28, 2008

Monday Morning update

Whew! After a busy weekend, and a rushed morning getting the kids off to school, it is finally quiet. Even Astro is not making any noise. Ah...enjoy the silence. So I thought I would give a nice big boring update on what we have all been up too.

Ben and I were able to go on our date! Yeah! We didn't leave in enough time to go to Ruby Tuesday so we went to a bookstore instead. We had dinner in the food court and than went to see Eagle Eye. When we got there...there were hardly any seats left. So we were in like the 3rd row. It made me sick. Seriously. Not feeling well all day and than sitting that close...I had to hop over some people's legs to go and throw up in the bathroom. I spent the rest of the time with my eyes closed laying on Ben's shoulder. I listened to it though! Poor Ben got stuck with a crappy date! :) I am feeling much better though. Thank heaven!

Harmony has been the biggest grouch all weekend. We didn't get back to pick them up until like 9:45. So they were in bed after 10. Let me just tell you, that girl does not do well on little sleep! She also had a busy week. They had elections at GS and she won Vice President. I was very nervous about the whole thing because I knew she would be devestated if she didn't win. But she did! Her slogan was Harmony + Girl Scouts = strength. She had a great time working on her poster. She is also singing in the choir. Tomorrow they are going to perform at the school's Ribbon Cutting ceremony. So stay tuned for that video!

Ethan has been doing well. I think he is having a hard time settling into school. He has come home with a few "not listening" days and has been written up on the bus, for being mean to another kid. I think he is finally calming down and getting back into the swing of things. He has decided, in an effort to earn money for important things like Pokemon cards, gum, legos etc. He will now be selling his artwork. No more " Mom I made this just for you". Now it is I made it for you, so you have to pay a quarter to get it. He is quite the starving artist. Harmony had an extra piece of poster board from her project so he got down to business and made an all about me poster.

Connor has been doing really well in school. His teacher said he is a "super reader" in the class. He is too shy apparently to raise his hand and answer a question. He prefers to just go to the front of the class and whisper the answer in his teacher's ear! He and Ethan have decided to combine their whole months allowance to buy Lego Batman. He has a hard time understanding that once his allowance is gone, it's gone. No more. We are going to start keeping a tally for all the kids so they know how much they have left! Connor went to a birthday party on Sat and came home with a goodie bag full of candy. Then he was the spotlight child in primary so he got another big bag of candy...which he shared with his siblings. Sweet boy. And what was his reward? Astro was wrestling with him and gave him a bloody nose!

Ivan has his good days and bad. He has a communication journal that I love to read what he has been doing that day. He also gets a newsletter every week with lots of pictures. He had a rough night last night. The power went out (again) and he was lookng for Ben and I. So he decided to go downstairs, and ended up falling down the stairs. It was pitch black so I couldn't even see where he was. So I have no idea how many he fell down. He was supposed to have his homevisit but we rescheduled so he could take a nice long nap today.

And Astro...well he is a pretty stinky dog. Except he must have won some hearts because I am the only one who wants to give him away!

Friday we are going to get our Christmas card pictures taken. Can't wait! I know I am so on top of things aren't I?!


Janice said...

I'm glad you got to go on your date, but sad that you still weren't well. I know how those front seats can be!! Why would ANYEONE want to put seats that close!!?? That is beyond me! Anyway - it's nice to hear what you all are up too! I miss you guys!! I always think of you when I am doing my laundry!

becky said...

Isnt that a bummer about your date? But at least you got to hang out alone. wow you are doing picts already. You are on top of it.

Jenn said...

Christmas card pictures?! I am impressed Marie. You are going to send us one right? It sounds like you are all very busy and doing well. We miss you!