Saturday, September 13, 2008


Ugh! I have a cold. I hate colds because it's like, you don't feel soooo awful that you can't get things done. But at the same time, you feel awful and just want to lay around. With the flu, you don't have a choice, lay down in bed and get better. Ugh, so today I am home from church with Harm ( feeling warm and has a sore throat) and Ivan who has a runny nose. Good times.

Ben and the kids decided to give Astro a bath yesterday. The fact that he was covered in mud helped make that decision easier. Unfortunatley, it was pretty humid and my camera kept fogging up. But here are some pictures. A little fuzzy...but cute.

I am going to attempt to get things done today, but if not I will just go lay in bed and call it good!


becky said...

too bad you had other kids home with you. one of the benefits of staying home sick from church is supposed to be that the other kids are good and can go with Dad. I don't think it ever works that way for mom's though.

Feel better.

The Anglesey Family said...

Astro looks sooo cute in that picture! Are things getting better with him? Or is he still chewing? I bet your kids love him!