Monday, September 22, 2008

Ethan the Spaniard

I went to go pick Harmony up from Girl Scouts last night, and Ethan decided he wanted to come with me. So we get in the car for the 10 minute ride and I swear that boy did not stop talking once! But he totally cracked me up.

Ben's office is the first building once you go through the gate. So we go through and Ethan pipes up with..."Mom I love going to Daddy's work." Me-" You do? Why?" E-"Because of the vending machines. And Daddy has skittles on his desk."

Then we keep going and he says, " you know how my birthday is on Cinco de Mayo?" Me- " yes" E-" WEll that is why I am part Mexican." me- "what? No you aren't!" "Yeah I am Mom. I even told Senor Flores that I am."

I tried to explain things to him but it went a little over his head. I can't imagine his Spanish teacher believing that he is part Hispanic. What do you think? With his light brown hair and green eyes. Not quite!


becky said...

that is too cute. How funny is that.

Angie said...

Very funny Marie!

Mary said...

He's a funny little guy!

Little Hensley Fam said...

oh my gosh that is hilarious! Well tell Ethan I said... HOLA! =)