Tuesday, September 02, 2008


I am so completely overwhelmed. Thank you everyone, for all the sweet blog posts, cards (both e-cards and in the mail), comments,phone calls, messages on my face book account and more. I feel so loved. I have to admit that I am a little sentimental and teary eyed right now (darn you Susan for making me cry!).

It has been harder than I thought, to live so far away from some of my friends and my family. But you have all made me feel just a little closer to home. So thanks for thinking of me on my big day. I loved them all and really appreciated it. Who knew I was so loved!!!

So how did I spend my birthday...

The kids went to school, Ben went to work and I...enjoyed the quiet! I think that is the best way to spend a day right? I read a book (I have been reading the Robyn Carr series, Susan) and just did...nothing. It was nice. We spent Labor Day as a family and I will post those pics later.

Ben got me a new bread maker, and built me an entertainment center. He is also working on a scrapbook armoire for me, but because we were gone all day on labor day, he wasn't able to finish it yet. I am also going out tomorrow to look at a dining set. How spoiled am I?

I am off to organize the pantry but I just wanted to say thanks to everyone! You are the best. I am a lucky, lucky person!


Cire said...

Sorry I didn't send you a card or anything - I do have a remote control fart machine for you now that you are an 'old fart' - I'll give it to you when you come to visit! Happy Birthday old woman (hopefully that didn't make u cry)!

becky said...

It sounded like a good day. I hope you were able to enjoy the quiet.