Sunday, September 21, 2008

Pay it Forward

****UPDATE**** I think I may have scared some people off with the fact that you have to "send something on". It can be something really simple like a note telling them you care. Or if it is someone who lives close to you, anything you want. Don't be scared, this is easy! I only have one more person to go!

Well guess what? Although my computer time has been decreased, I actually won a give away on a blog! How cool is that? I hardly ever win anything. I mean ever. So I was pleasantly surprised. So now I have to "pay it forward". This is a condensed version of the rules...I send out a goodie( of my choice)to the first three people to comment on my blog. Include in your comment something that someone else has done for you that really meant a lot. Those three have to post it on their blog AND be willng to send something out. So if you are ready and willing....let the comments begin!


heidigoseek said...

This one is easy:) I want to say that my friends Jenna and Nicole watched my children while we went to the temple yesterday. Thanks so much!

Janice said...

I am blessed to have a great family sit with me at church - of their own free will I might add - (pretty much since Julia was born) to help me with my very active children! (Since Jeremiah always seems to be gone) I will be indebted to them for eternity! Thank you Gaines Family!!

Susan said...

Okay, I have been meaning to comment. Let's see ... lots of people have done nice things for me lately, especially with the move. Lots of people helped us with the actual moving, babysitting, packing, etc. It's always amazing to me how many people are ready and willing to help - sometimes you just have to ask :)