Wednesday, August 05, 2009

The Rainy Season

(The pond outside our house. We didn't know we were living in water front property!)

(The back of all the teachers eating at the table!)

(Another side view of the whole thing)

(The boys with their creation. There are the 4 different towers for all the houses.)

(On this one, you can see part of the great hall. The people are the professors sitting at the head table. The big neon green lego is part of one of the towers)

(A side view. I didn't take the pictures, the boys did. But I think this is the herbology classroom)

Ahh Summer. The beach, pool, popsicles, ice cold lemonade, warm weather, right? Well that may be what our life is like during the other 9 months of the year, but summer here means RAIN. And lots of it! Which is not fun when you are trying to keep 4 kids entertained. We have had downpours for the past week. Not a light rain. Down pours. Thunder and lightning, wind etc. We have lost power more than a few times. It has been wild. The kids are stuck inside. They are driving me crazy!!

One day while talking to Ben, the boys sat and asked me question after question. Apparently they didn't notice the phone in my hand. I finally sent them off to their room to play Legos. "But we don't know what to build!" I suggested they go and build Hogwarts. And they did!

It took them 3 days and they did a fabulous job! The boys love to get kits from movies like Star Wars or Indiana Jones. But we don't have anything from Harry Potter. They just used their imaginations! The great hall had all the different tables for the houses. Complete with the professors sitting at the front table. The herbology class had all the different plants that they could find. A few of the men had wizard hats. The potions class had barrels for all the different potions. All the 4 towers were made. They were going to make the stairs to go to divination but had a little trouble with it. I loved seeing all the hard work they put in to it. Now they want me to send their pictures into the Lego magazine!


Erin Dooley said...

I think you should send them! That is amazing that they were that patient! As a mom of 4 children 4 and under I guess I can't imagine yet what it might be like to have my children entertain themselves for 3 minutes, let alone 3 days!!!

The Farr's said...

What an awesome job with the Lego's!!

becky said...

you should send the picts in or to That is incredible.

Yearsley Family said...

I am impressed! Way to go boys!

Anonymous said...

You have really done a great job with the Lego's......all the best.....


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