Thursday, August 20, 2009

interesting fact

I read this fact today and thought it was interesting...

**Men who kiss their wives goodbye in the mornings have a lower percentage of heart disease than those who don't?**

So kissing is GOOD for us, it's not just for fun! :)


The Farr's said...

So good to know! I am glad I can help keep my man healthy :)

Marie said...

I know, anything we can do right?!

Yearsley Family said...

I've always loved that saying...however, my husband refuses to kiss me goodbye at 5 am when he leaves for work cuz he doesn't want to wake me up! What a guy!
And I loved your cute boys story! Ah the innocence of children!
And just for the record, my 8 yr old acts like H now! And have THREE girls! I was just commenting to Ben abt the teen yrs the other night...just don't think abt it!
Sorry to write a book. I'm done now. Love ya!