Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Gold Diggers

( I know that I have a million and one pictures of those two together but just couldn't find a more recent one!)

The other day, I was feeding Mason and the two older boys were playing legos in the living room. We were watching tv and one of those "cash for gold" commercials came on.

The boys started talking about what they would do if they had millions of dollars. I love listening to them because they always include each other in their plans. No matter what. It is never what "I" will do with the money, or the toy it is always what "we" will do with it. It just makes this Mom's heart happy! Anyway, they decided they would go buy their own house and have their own flat screen tv, wii etc.

After some planning, they decided to go gather up all the gold in their room so they could send it in. I asked them what gold they had. They said their baseball trophies. Too cute. So I explained to them that while it was a gold color, it wasn't real gold. They trudged off to their rooms to go look for more.

A few minutes later they come back grinning from ear to ear.

boys:" Mom we found some more gold and we even found silver to send in!!"

Me: "what is it?"

boys: "Our scout stuff!!" They hold up their kerchief slide and the silver belt buckles that they had earned.

Me: (cracking up!!) well those aren't real silver or gold either."

boys: "how do you know?"

Me: "Well, because I bought the slide for like $2. And if it was real it would cost a lot more to buy it."

boys: sighing, " well can we have some of your gold?"

Me: (because I have sooo much gold lying around lol) "sorry boys but no."

Ethan:" I guess we will just have to save our allowance."

Good idea. Cute little boys!


The Farr's said...

Oh that is so cute! Aren't kids great?! Cute picture of your boys too!!

becky said...

I love it. That is so cute. Brenten always tells me I can have all his money to get spiderman shirts. You know all of his pennies.