Monday, August 24, 2009


(This picture has nothing to do with anything on this post. I just didn't want to leave it picture-less!)

The only thing we can count on is change right? Or is it death and taxes?

So where should I begin?

This summer, with hospital visits, Mason's birth, Ben being out of town... our church attendance has been less than stellar. And when you miss one week (or 2 or 3...)you miss out on a lot! We found out on Sunday that our branch is splitting. We will now be members of a brand new branch! Part of the new Dededo branch. So that means a new building, a new primary, a new sunbeam teacher for Ivan to get used too (so not looking forward to that) new people...This next Sunday will mark our last Sunday in the Barrigada branch.

I took the kids to new student orientation. A new school. Their school is kind of like a college campus. I am guaranteed to get lost a couple of hundred times. So we have a new school,new routines, new teachers, new bus routes, new school supplies.

We weren't exactly sure what Ivan would be doing this year. We are not sure if he is still labeled as "mild autistic" or just developmentally delayed. But because of his age, he is able to attend pre-k full time! Not just a couple of days like last year!He will still be getting services as needed. He will have an aid who is in his class full time. We are excited that he will be attending school 5 days a week! Ivan does not do well with change but I know he is going to love being at school more.

Ben is almost done with turn over and will finally be up closer to us! He spent last week down on the Navy base. This week he is back and forth. I can't wait for his commute time to go from 45 minutes to 5!

As I put the kids into their new school, it really hit me. We only have 9 months left on Guam!! (The kids and I are leaving earlier than Ben). And then we will be on to more new-ness.

Looking forward to all the changes and what life will bring us next!


Anonymous said...

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Janice said...

New-ness can be really tiring, I know. I think it will end up being a good thing for everyone though - plus it'll get them ready for 9 months from now!! Let us know where your family is off to next!

heidigoseek said...

it's like you have a whole pregnancy before you have to move again. kinda puts it in perspective, huh? not really:)
hope the school year goes well for them, especially ivan.