Thursday, May 21, 2009

We are home...and busy!

It is amazing how fast you have to get back to real life, after a vacation isn't it? I woke up with an "oh crap, it's 7:20!" Yeah the kids bus comes at 7:40. I was lucky that the kid's clothes had been washed and I had bought plenty of lunch stuff before I left. Honestly, I don't think I have ever got the kids out the door that fast!

I do want to blog about our fabulous time in Cairns, but like I said it was back to! The boys are headed to a father/son campout tonight. Harmony and I are headed out for a girls night out. Saturday is baseball games. We are trying to get all the packing done so that we can move. Plus there is still more baseball practices (we are almost done, the end is in sight!!)Girl Scouts, Dr. appts, finishing up school, packing, oh and did I mention that we are going to have a baby coming pretty soon? Yeah, lots going on.

I have an appt. on Tuesday. After that they will start checking me ( I believe once a week but not exactly sure). Connor and Ivan both came at 35 weeks, which believe it or not, is only 5 weeks from now. This pregnancy has gone by so fast. As for the diabetes, well I just got done reading my sisters blog, and I now how she feels. I have certainly not been the best patient when it comes to testing, recording, avoiding the wrong foods etc. Having said that though, I have been feeling fine. The weather right now is AWFUL, as hot as hot can be, and so that has made things worse.
Mostly I just feel dehydrated faster. So I have been drinking more gatorade and water to up my fluid intake. Other than that, things are going well.

Well I have a house to clean, clothes to unpack, a picnic dinner to make for my campers and more. I will try to update with our trip this weekend.


The Farr's said...

Welcome back! Take it easy as you can! Can't wait to hear all about your trip!

becky said...

Don't you wish sometimes you could come back to calm and peace and get a few days to recover from you vacation. I do. I think we should vote that in somehow.