Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Before I get in trouble...

I apologize for my lack of posting. It is just so, so, so busy! But I wanted to post about my appt. today so that everyone is caught up! And no, I haven't forgot that I still need to post about Cairns!

So I went today and got some info! First off, we will start with the diabetes factor. Blood sugar levels are still high (no I am not suprised)and I am going to start taking an insulin pill 2x's a day. No fun, but it is supposed to help. Meanwhile I need to do much better about being on a low carb diet. (Right there with you Susan!)I was too late today to get the perscription so will start tomorrow. Excitement! Not really but...

Mr Mason is measuring at 32 weeks! Yikes, give me my 2 weeks back! I went from having about a month(if we have him at 35 weeks like the others) to having around 3 weeks. Possibly more...but you know what I mean. The dr. checked my cervix and nothing is happening yet. So he told me he can pretty much guarantee me 2 more weeks.

I have an appt. again next Tuesday. But than the week after I have to start going 2x's a week. It will be a lot of work...especially considering that the kiddo's will be out of school, and the move.

I am probably forgetting stuff but there is somewhat of an update!

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becky said...

That is so crazy. So why did the others come at 35 weeks? Were you diabetic with them also? I hope that Mason has a little more time to grow in there.