Monday, May 04, 2009

It's Great to be Eight...

( the birthday boy!)
if he makes it that long!! Yesterday morning, a wild and crazy Ethan woke up and said, "Tomorrow is my birthday!!" And from that moment on, had every child and dog riled up to no end. I finally pushed him out of the door and to the bus stop before I strangled his little neck. He came home from school, still as wild and crazy as in the morning.

He came to me and said, "you know I think I should open my gifts early. Like right now." I told him no, because he had already recieved one of his gifts last Saturday, and he could wait one more day. His mood went from wild and crazy to pouting and obnoxious in about 10 seconds. Crying, pouting, throwing himself on the couch etc. Ethan does not usually act this way but boy was he on one!

He let me know that I could set my alarm, and get up early and make him a surprise breakfast and put candles in it. Aren't I lucky? He let me know his plans about 10 times in one day!

This morning, he woke up his brothers before 6 am because, " I am 8 today!!" When I got out of the shower (at 6:20) he was appalled that I had not made his "surprise" breakfast. I had bought some Pillsbury Cinnabon cinnamon rolls and they take almost half an hour to bake! I also found lunchables for .35 the day before. So there was nothing but free time. The kids ran around the house, riled up Astro, and drove me crazy until I finally sent them all to their rooms. It was too much!

They were finally allowed to eat their cinnamon rolls and than all 3 were kicked out the door. Phew! So tonight after baseball, we are going to have tacos, spanish rice, chips and salsa and birthday cake and presents.

His big party, we are trying to get on an every other year schedule for friend parties, is on Saturday. We are having it at the bowling alley.

My camera batteries are dead and so I have no pictures of him with his cinnamon roll that had the 8 candle in it. Bummer...

But this party is far from over!


Janice said...

Happy Birthday to Ethan! Sorry it's been a "wild one".

heidigoseek said...

i'm not letting marshall turn 8. he's been forewarned. the growing-up has GOT to stop!
happy birthday ethan!! we miss you here:(

becky said...

Sorry for the crazy day but I laughed out loud and not just a little. I just imagined this little boy so wound up and then I pictured my little landon in 5 years. I think I will have a similar picture because Landon was asking for his presents and cake everyday for a week before his birthday. And he was only turning 3. Are we in trouble or what?