Thursday, May 14, 2009

Leavin' on a jet plane...

( Picture stolen from "Travel Journals website)

A little over 2 full days before we leave to go to Australia!! I am looking at a mile long to do/to pack much to do. For posterity reasons, here is my list:

*prepare sharing time for this week
*dinner tonight for Girl Scouts & will try to stop at a dinner for a friend who is leaving
*clean house
*grocery shop ( I am trying very hard to help Ericka out by having food for the kids)
*write out a grocery list and hope I don't forget anything
*pack for all the kids:
underwear, socks, pj's, uniforms, tooth brushes/paste, shoes, school backpacks,
temporary bus passes, lunch bags x 3 school aged kids
*pack for Ivan who won't be going to school that week
*pack for myself, remembering passport, itinerary, adaptors, ipod, cell phone, and chargers for all those items that need it!
*Make sure all the clothes that Ben wants to take are clean
*Double check that my friend is going to dog sit Astro
*Make sure he has dog food, his bed, his kennel etc
*watch Bones & CSI:NY season finales (yep that is a must)
*pick up magazine for Ben to read on the plane ( we have only found it in 2 stores on this whole island!!)
*download missed episodes of favorite shows to watch on the plane that it? I am sure I am forgetting things! I know it will all be worth it, once all is said and done. But why does it have to be so stressful to get everything ready for a trip?


becky said...

getting ready for trips is always so hard but oh so worth it. Have fun.

The Farr's said...

Lots of work, but will be so worth it! Have fun!

BTW~Did you love the CSI:NY finale? What the heck happened at the end? It's gonna drive me crazy!!

Marie said...

Beth mine is not on until tonight!! We are a day behind on tv so don't tell me anything!!!

The Barton Family said...

Hope you get it all done! Have a fun trip.

crazymonsons said...

I hope you guys have sooooooo much fun!!! It is so nice to get away before having a baby. Have a fun, safe, and relaxing trip!