Thursday, November 20, 2008

stop the madness!!!

Agenda for today...

Hurry my bum up and get down to the scout store to buy my son his scout shirt. Why didn't I buy it YESTERDAY when I was already there? Oh because I thought I bought it weeks ago. Not so much.

Hurry to the commissary to buy food, to make dinner, for a friend who got out of surgery. While there also pick up food to make lunches for boys and Mom for tomorrow ( cub scout day camp).

Hurry to the NEX, or AAFES(Air Force exchange like store) see if I can print off cub scout pictures. Kodak kiosk at our nex broken. If they do not have one, hurry to K-Mart to use theirs. Also picking up extra sunscreen and a first aid kit to have on hand for tomorrow.

Come home and drop 2 scout shirts off at my friends house so that she can put all patches on.

Hurry home and do a mad cleaning dash of our home.

Bake cookies to take to friends home.

Go pick up friends kids from school and take them home with me, until their Mom/Dad get off work.

Make Harmony and friend do my cub scout poster using pictures, adhesive runners, and markers.

Babysitter comes at 5 for Ivan. Give him instructions and leave the house with...
**dinner for friends family
**canned good for Salvation Army canned food drive
**fishing stuff to donate for Operation Christmas drop
**den flag
**bird house
**2 cub scout jokes for Ethan
** 2 boys so excited to be decked out in their uniforms

Drop dinner off. Do not stay and talk. Wish well and leave.

Go to community center. Set up the "Wolves Den" table.

Sit with my den and make sure that they behave. Hand out awards.

Help clean up and go home.

Try to get some sleep, because I have to be at day camp from 8:30-3:30 the next day. 6 scouts, all day in the sun, shooting bb guns and bow and arrows.

My boys will appreciate it some day right?


The Farr's said...

Of course they will appreciate it! You are awesome!!

Susan said...

Ahhh ... ya just gotta love Cub Scouts.

castlemom13 said...

Been there, done that...its a blast. Have fun at day camp.

becky said...

you are crazy. you are a busy mama. And they will definately look back in way too many years and remember all the times you were there for them.