Wednesday, November 26, 2008

So very thankful

Today I am feeling more thankful than ever.

So thankful for them.

So thankful for him.

Thankful for the new life that is growing inside of me.

Thankful to be a new Aunt! ( Jensen family we love you and are so happy!)

Thankful to have friends and family.

Thankful to have a home, food to eat, clothes to wear.

Thankful for the Gospel.

Thankful for the life I lead.

Happy Thanksgiving!


heidigoseek said...

WOW!! miss a post...miss a ton:) that is exciting news. no wonder you've gotten the "overwhelming blues" lately. get yourself a nap and a pedicure. happy thanksgiving:)

Christy said...

Do you have an estimated due date for the newby?

The Barton Family said...

I missed a post too! I didn't know you were prego. When are you due?